To have a rich harvest and huge plants you need to follow this technique. All the farmers went crazy and were won over by this truly unique technique. Here’s how to do it.

Ingredient produces huge plants

All farmers have gone crazy for this method to have a rich and tasty harvest. What they used is truly unique and this technique they learned from a great Amazonian civilization that cultivated in a very sterile soil, that of the Amazon jungle. Due to the rains, the soil is fertile only at certain times of the year.

However, despite this, several hectares of fertile land up to two meters deep were found. For experts this is an interesting condition as this soil has been considered the same for thousands of years. But these civilizations have managed to create a regenerative soil. Here’s how below.

Rich harvest and huge plants? Here’s how you need to do it to get it

As we have said, the Amazonian civilization has found a way to make fertile that land that for some time has been devoid of crops precisely for this reason. Looking at it you immediately notice that the amount of coal contained in it is very high and in fact it is precisely this presence that changes everything.

Precisely for this reason some farmers have started to use coal but there is a particular ordinary coal is not the same as that of the Amazon. Organic coal is better as it burns differently from ordinary coal. Organic coal burns at a temperature of 600-1000°C without oxygen while organic coal burns at 400°C.

Rich and tasty harvest with this product

This temperature difference greatly changes all that. In fact, organic coal is better. It has a fine lard and is 50% pure carbon. The molecular structures in biochar are fascinating and better suited to the settlement of microbes. Then farmers began to replicate this technique.

It is a modern technique that certainly works but unknown is the duration. What is certain is that the harvest will be rich and tasty. Burnt wood is therefore ideal and manages to keep the fertility of the soil under control. Organic charcoal provides stability to the soil.

How to put biological carbon in the soil

We have seen that organic charcoal makes the soil more fertile. But how to use it? Its carbon content and porosity makes it a powerful soil improver. It can be used both in the field and in pots. But you need to know the right amounts because they are not the same.

Biological carbon for soil

Up to 1 kilogram can be used in fields and vegetable gardens for one square meter. So 1kg/m2. In pots, on the other hand, the quantity to be used decreases, it must correspond to 25% of the maximum amount of soil. It can then be used in different sectors.

In agriculture this has a better yield giving more fertility and less use of water and chemical fertilizers. In this way, therefore, prices are reduced and there is a lower environmental impact. It almost seems like a magical product so that we should use it on all plants.