Do you have a vegetable garden or a small home garden and want to increase the tomato harvest? Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps.

Mixture in tomato plants

Growing tomatoes is quite simple and requires small precautions. Very often, however, it is difficult to develop the seedlings well, risking to put them in the ground too soon and risking that they do not develop properly. But here is an infallible method for an abundant harvest of tomatoes, whether in the garden or in a small home garden.

Growing tomatoes

Tomatoes lend themselves well to being grown not only in a vegetable garden but also at home. Growing tomatoes indoors can be a fun and rewarding activity, and it can naturally provide a great harvest of fresh, organic tomatoes. It is a very simple activity, also suitable to be carried out together with the little ones. First you have to choose the type of tomato. There are different types of tomatoes to choose from, so it is important to opt for the type that best suits your needs and growing conditions. Some varieties of tomatoes are better adapted to growing in pots, while others are more suitable for growing in the garden.

Tomato plant

Next you need to choose the container: if you grow tomatoes in a pot, it is important to choose a pot large enough to allow good root growth. It is preferable that there are also drainage holes to allow the soil to remove excess water. Then there will be to prepare the soil, which should be well drained and rich in nutrients. A mix of soil and compost can be used to create a fertile soil for cultivation.

Once everything is done, you can plant the seeds or seedlings: tomato seeds can be sown in pots or in a seedbed, and seedlings can be purchased in a local nursery. But how to be sure that the seedlings resist repotting and return a good harvest of tomatoes?

How to have a rich harvest of tomatoes

If tomato seedlings look weak or grow slowly, you can help them in growth by creating a small DIY greenhouse and feeding it with the right ingredients. The following steps will increase the harvest of tomatoes and make the plants much stronger and more resistant.

Tomato harvest

First, depending on the pot in which the seedling is located, get a bottle and cut it so that the plant can continue to develop. You will thus create a dome that will act as a greenhouse, protecting the plant from drafts, maintaining humidity and providing light.

Then you can proceed by creating an optimal fertilizer for your seedlings. All you need is dry yeast, milk, sugar and water. Let’s see how to proceed quickly and easily.

The mix for fertilizing tomato plants

To prepare fertilizer for growing seedlings is enough a few minutes. Equip yourself with a large carafe and pour 10 grams of dry yeast powder and 100 ml of milk inside. Start stirring and then add a tablespoon of sugar. Stir everything well again until the solution is homogeneous. Finally, add 1 liter of water and stir again.

Ingredients for fertilizer

You can water the seedlings with this solution until before repotting them. The ingredients used are all very effective for tomato plants. Yeast helps the natural growth of the plant by supporting it, milk is an excellent supplement that helps prevent diseases while sugar drives away possible pests.
In this way you will have stronger and more luxuriant seedlings, which will not be affected by repotting and will provide you with a rich harvest of tomatoes in due time.