Are plants full of aphids? Don’t worry, nurserymen in the industry unveil this as the best insecticide to use right away.

plant and bar of soap

Have aphids taken the plant hostage and are there only chemically rich products to use? Not only that, in fact the nurserymen of the sector have decided to reveal a little secret. An ingredient always present in the home that can be used as an insecticide for these pests. After a week the plant breathes again, and the pests have been eliminated once and for all. How to prepare it and what is the key ingredient to use? Let’s find out together.

Plant aphids, why are they dangerous?

Aphids, also called plant lice, are parasitic insects that feed on plant sap. They are considered harmful for several reasons and should be eradicated immediately. Aphids suck plant sap through a pointed mouth tube, thereby weakening the plant. This can lead to a slowdown in growth, leaf deformation, desiccation and even death of weaker plants.

Not only that, in fact they can act as vectors for the spread of viruses and plant diseases. When feeding on an infected plant, they can pick up pathogens and transfer them to other healthy plants during their movements.

Plant aphids

These parasites secrete a sugary substance called honeydew as a byproduct of their sap consumption. Honeydew can promote the growth of superficial black molds called fumaggini, which can further damage the ability of plants to create chlorophyll photosynthesis.

It is also good to consider that they attack agricultural crops such as vegetables or fruit plants, they can cause a reduction in the quality and yield of crops. This can have negative impacts on the agricultural economy and food availability.

Best insecticide against aphids

The expert nurserymen of the sector wanted to reveal a little trick, which deals precisely with the realization of the best insecticide with a key ingredient. Usually specific products are used or in any case solutions that could contain specific and dangerous chemical elements. The main ingredient is soap.

Best insecticide for aphids

As experts indicate, it is not only used for personal and household hygiene but also to combat plant aphids. To prepare the best insecticide, it will be enough to buy the liquid product without perfume and without parabens. A natural product is essential for plants and their well-being.

You will need to dissolve two or three tablespoons in a liter of water. Mix well and then pour into a spray bottle. This will have to be vaporized on the plastered parts early in the morning, before the sun warms the room. Treatment lasts about a week. Obviously, the advice is to always contact an expert nurseryman in the sector. The latter will evaluate the state of the plant and then can prescribe the correct treatment to be adopted.