To make the orchid bloom continuously, you can rely on very effective natural products: all the details.

Rice and orchid

Everyone dreams of having tonic and lush plants at home and in their garden , so that they can beautify both the rooms and the outside of their home. However, in order to aspire to this goal it is necessary to take very detailed care of your plants , paying attention to positioning, watering, the products used and much more. An attention that also proves fundamental for orchids , which very often adorn the interiors of homes and enrich gardens, giving liveliness and color. How to best feed the orchid? What are the most suitable ways to ensure that these plants always grow lush?

Strong and thriving orchid with this foolproof method

To make orchids bloom continuously, there is a quick and easy method that will give great satisfaction to all those who choose to apply it to their flowers. First you need to get some rice , which will be placed in a salad bowl: 5 tablespoons are fine. The next step is to add 500 ml of room temperature water to the rice.


After having mixed the water with the rice properly, you can move on to the next step, i.e. sifting the rice water into another container in order to preserve only the liquid substance. In fact, not everyone knows that rice water is an excellent natural fertilizer for orchids because it favors the flowering of this wonderful plant.

What to do at this point? Using the container containing the rice water, you can proceed with watering the orchids, being very careful to water gently so as not to damage these splendid flowers (you can also proceed with a watering can, ed). How often should rice water be applied to our orchids? The advice is to water the splendid plants with this solution once every 14 days.  But with all the leftover rice water? Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw anything away. The leftover water can in fact be frozen, remembering to defrost it when the time has come to water the orchids.

Making the orchid bloom: the lemon water method

To guarantee our  orchids excellent watering we can also choose another method. After filling the salad bowl with a liter of water, add a teaspoon of lemon juice , to be squeezed carefully onto the spoon in order to have the exact measure. Why lemon? Its juice is exceptional for preventing mold and fungi, so the orchid can only benefit from it.

Watering orchids

Once the solution has been mixed well, you can take a small glass and take a little of the solution from the salad bowl from time to time, applying it to the orchid’s soil (always with the utmost delicacy). Also in this case the operation must be repeated once every 14/15 days. The good news is that even the orchid leaves can be treated with this special mix of water and lemon: however, to avoid the risk of causing damage it is a good idea to pass the solution over the leaves (both front and back) with a little cotton wool. . The operation on the leaves can be carried out once a month.