If you want a vigorous orchid with lots of bright leaves, then you need to water it this way. There is an ingredient that you know very well, which is able to save your plant.

Vigorous orchid with lots of bright leaves

Have you noticed that your plant is no longer beautiful and healthy? Are the leaves starting to turn yellow? No problem! With this recipe, you’ll have a vigorous orchid with lots of bright leaves . Here’s what you need.

How to care for orchids

Although they can be considered as strong plants that are resistant to different temperatures and different environments, taking care of an orchid is not as simple as it may seem.

Varieties of orchids

Purchased by many and given as gifts by many, especially to those who are not expert green thumbs, this type of plant sells a lot due to the fact that it easily adapts to any environment , even an apartment, and above all because it does not require the same care as other more demanding plants.

Yet, no matter how much attention you give to your gorgeous green jewel, it can happen that something goes wrong. For example, have you noticed lately that your orchid leaves aren’t as beautiful and healthy as they used to be? Are you wondering how this is possible? The answer is simple: you’re not treating it right .

Although the orchid is an easy plant to take care of, it still needs attention. With the arrival of spring, for example, you should start changing your watering routine . This plant never needs a lot of water but if the temperatures get warmer you will likely have to water it 3 times a week instead of 1. Also be careful of the sun.

With the onset of beautiful days and the sun ready to irradiate our homes with its rays, you could actually harm your plant if you don’t move it to a place where the sun’s rays do no harm . In spring and summer, prefer bright places but not in direct contact with the sun , in which to place your orchid.

If you have noticed that your plant lately is no longer as beautiful and healthy as before, continue reading. Today we will reveal how to have a vigorous orchid with lots of bright leaves . You just need to prepare this recipe.

Vigorous orchid with lots of leaves: all you need is this one ingredient

Has your orchid started to get sick? Are the leaves no longer as healthy and vigorous as they once were but are they turning yellow? Don’t worry, we have the solution to your problem .

In this contribution we will help you save your beautiful plant . Did you know that you only need one ingredient to have a vigorous orchid with lots of leaves ? If you try this recipe, you will give new life back to your plant.

As you well know, all plants need nutrients to survive , which they sometimes cannot absorb naturally. This is why in some cases it is necessary to resort to fertilizers .

There are many on the market but not always natural. Do you know that you can make a green fertilizer with your own hands and in a really cheap way? All you need is one ingredient to do the magic: garlic .

Garlic to have a vigorous orchid with lots of bright leaves

Well yes, did you ever expect that? Just the garlic you use in the kitchen will be extremely useful for reviving your plant . Preparing this recipe is really simple and will only take you a short time.

The first thing to do is get a clove of garlic which you will have to chop and place in an airtight container, after having covered the garlic with 1 liter of water.

Let the garlic soak for 24 hours , then filter the solution into a spray bottle and begin wetting the leaves and soil of your plant. You won’t believe your eyes: in just a few days you will have a vigorous orchid with lots of bright leaves . Garlic is in fact a natural fertilizer capable of treating even the sickest plant.

If it is true that it is extremely healthy for us – although its smell and taste are quite pungent – ​​it is also a real panacea for plants . Rich in potassium, iodine and phosphorus, garlic helps your orchid get healthy and strong again in no time. But that’s not all: it is also able to remove dangerous insects and parasites from the plant . Did you know that even the peel of garlic – not just its pulp – can be useful to you?

You just have to grind the peels until you create a powder which you will then have to spread into the soil . Then proceed to water your plant without overwatering. With this 100% natural technique you will give new life to your splendid orchid.