If you also have this plant at home, know that you are a very lucky person. That’s why it’s so precious, you’d never imagine.

Spider plant

This plant is really worth a lot. That’s why it’s like having a treasure kept in your home if you own it. Watch out: are you one of the lucky ones?

Plant worth like a treasure: here’s why

If you too are the lucky owner of this plant , know that you have a sort of treasure at home. Have you ever seen it or given it as a gift? Its scientific name is Chlorophytum comosum or Phalangium but it is also known more “vulgarly” as “spider plant” or “love bow”.

Phalanx plant

Bright, beautiful and easy to care for, it is a perfect indoor plant. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family and is native to South Africa, so it is clear to understand that it needs to be placed in a warm and bright environment . Be careful though, the light must not hit it directly otherwise the risk of burning it becomes very high!

The simplicity with which it can be cared for makes this plant a welcome gift even to those who do not have a green thumb . Did you know that it can also resist rather low temperatures ? Even down to -2°! In short, the risk of her dying is very low.

Why does this plant, so common and so simple to care for, represent a little treasure for those who own it ? Let’s find out.

All the characteristics of the Phalange

Perfect for decorating kitchens, windows or bathrooms , this plant from Africa will not only help your home appear more beautiful and bright but also bring numerous benefits to the environment . Why are we telling you this? For various simple reasons.


First of all, we’ll reveal the first secret to you. This houseplant is able to absorb all the humidity in the house ! Does this seem like little to you? You can say goodbye to dehumidifiers, just buy this little green gem. This characteristic is not insignificant. Do you know that humidity in the home can worsen the health of asthmatics , if present? The Phalanx could save your skin!

Another extraordinary feature: the spider plant is able to eliminate carbon monoxide and xylene , two of the most dangerous pollutants in the world. Purifying your home from these toxic elements allows you to breathe clean air. But its benefits don’t end there.

Science has been able to demonstrate that this wonderful plant even has a therapeutic function : did you know that it is able to heal injuries and scars ? Rich in polysaccharides which are part of the hydrocolloid group , the latter are regulators and stabilizers of humidity in the epidermis , helping the latter to be even more viscous.

Therefore, an excellent solution for those who suffer from sensitive, easily irritated and dry skin . In short, as you can see, if you own this plant which has extraordinary and even miraculous properties , you definitely have a treasure in your home to take care of.

Shall we talk about its beauty then? It is a truly beautiful plant, its pointed and long leaves which can be intense green or even white depending on the species, make the spider plant also aesthetically pleasing.

It is not too big, it will never exceed 75 cm in height . In spring, it is at its best: small white, fragrant and delicate flowers will emerge from its stems.

However, let’s focus for a moment on its main feature. Scientific studies have shown that the so-called “Love Bow” is one of the main purifying plants , even capable of absorbing up to 95% of carbon monoxide present in the air.

Furthermore, it can also remove formaldehyde found on walls and floors. We’ll also reveal another little curiosity to you, did you know that its leaves can be used for tea or infusions ? In short, it has truly innumerable properties.

Spider Plant