Growing plants indoors can be a very time consuming job.

To make plants flourish you need to dedicate a lot of time and attention to them.

Taking care of plants well means above all enriching the soil with nutrients by using fertilizers .

Many prefer to buy it in shops but even by spending a lot of money the results often struggle to arrive and in some cases they don’t arrive at all.

Precisely to avoid such an epilogue it is possible to use a super cheap and homemade fertilizer . In fact, it is possible to create a natural fertilizer with a few simple ingredients that will not harm your health or even that of the environment.

The fertilizer that you can discover below is very easy to make and will prove perfect for nourishing flowering plants and also preventing the arrival of parasites .

Here’s what’s the secret ingredient to use and what you need to do.


Fertilizer with oats, great for flowering

As mentioned above, this natural homemade fertilizer practically has a double action, that is, that of fertilizing the plants and protecting them .

The main ingredient in this homemade fertilizer is oatmeal .

In fact, oats give plants phosphorus and potassium which are the main trace elements useful for flowering.

This product is perfect to use especially during the cold seasons of the year precisely because thanks to the minerals and vitamins it gives to the soil it will be able to speed up the growth of the plant.

Furthermore, oats contain calcium which is excellent for strengthening the roots and therefore making them more solid.

To make this DIY fertilizer you only need 2 ingredients.

The ingredients to use are the following:

  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • 1 cup of warm water

To find out how to make this cheap, homemade fertilizer you just have to continue reading this page.


The first thing to do is to collect the ingredients mentioned and transfer them into a large bowl and mix them well .

When the ingredients appear well blended to obtain a uniform, lump-free mixture, let everything rest at room temperature for 60 minutes .

Once the indicated time has passed, the fertilizer will be ready.

At this point, to use it you just have to mix it again and resuspend it, preventing the flour from settling on the bottom.

To use it correctly you just need to pour the fertilizer made into the soil.

A tip: the best time to pour it into the ground is in the morning . This way the plants will have all day to absorb all the nutrients they need.

Furthermore, we must absolutely not forget that this natural fertilizer can be kept for about 2 months in the fridge .

Now you just have to group the ideas and in less than no time you will have created your natural fertilizer. Thanks to this method you won’t have to spend a single cent more than expected and you won’t put your health, and that of the environment, at risk by using chemicals.