White or colorful, beautiful and elegant, with long-lasting flowers and bright green leaves. It’s the orchid , one of the most gifted plants that last a very long time, if given the right care . After having bought it or received it as a gift, it will need to be placed in a bright environment, wet when necessary and dusted.

At some point it will lose its flowers, but it is important to know that the orchid will bloom again. Its flowering occurs twice a year: in spring and autumn. Therefore, the plant remains alive and must be cared for as when it is in flower.

How to take care of it ? We reveal 4 excellent do-it-yourself methods that will nourish it and keep it strong and vigorous.

1.Sugar and honey

Combine a couple of spoons of sugar, one of honey in a bowl and add boiling water to dissolve the ingredients. Finally squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Soak a napkin or an old clean cloth in the mixture and rub it on the leaves: it will be an excellent nourishing syrup for the orchid.

2.Water and milk

Take a glass, put a spoonful of water, one of milk and mix. Always with an old clean cloth, wet it in the liquid and pass it on the leaves, to clean them and keep them away from possible fungi.

3.Banana peel

The banana is an easily available fruit, present in almost every home, and is a superfood. It is highly nutritious and many of its properties are contained in the peel. Before throwing it away, therefore, rub the inside on the orchid leaves, so as to make them shiny again by removing the stains and to release all its good substances.

4.Infusion waste

Place the infusion waste in a bowl and add boiling water. Allow the liquid to cool and then add the juice of half a lemon. Filter the liquid with a sieve and transfer the fluid into a large bowl, in which to soak the vase with the orchid. The liquid can also be passed on the leaves and will serve to give strength to the plant.

Potting an orchid

To repot an orchid, get a transparent vase, because the sun must also illuminate the roots. Now gently remove the orchid from the pot it is in and use some water to remove the earth from the roots. Those gears will have to be cut.

Prepare a mixture of clay and orchid soil in the new transparent pot. Always with extreme caution, we insert the plant in the new soil, which must also be inserted inside the roots. Water and place in a bright place.