Farmers are never wrong, their tricks are always the most effective. Here is the perfect method for pruning zucchini from your garden. Read on to learn more.

Pruning courgette garden

Being able to create a personal garden is a privilege for the few . Not only space is the determining factor for the creation of a vegetable garden: the indispensable element is passion. Anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb and a strong love of gardening is definitely at a disadvantage. The care and attention you need to devote to your vegetable garden or garden are many and take up a lot of time and energy. Not only time and energy, but also money, study, in-depth study of the subject. Without a good knowledge of gardening it is difficult to obtain satisfactory results.

You should also know that giving water to our vegetables is often not enough , we need to give a little further help to their correct formation and development. We need to put a few tricks into practice to give a decisive boost to our garden. Sometimes they seem like unconventional methods, but the farmers are never wrong thanks to their strong knowledge of the land. Today we discover together how the farmers take care of the courgettes and how they make sure that many grow .

Gardening: an activity made for very few

Gardening is a complex activity, much more complex than one might imagine. Taking care of plants is not as easy as it may seem. On the contrary, there is a world of factors to take into consideration and to respect in order to carry out this activity at its best. Without the right passion you would immediately lose patience, but with the right passion you can create something sensational . From a garden full of flowers to a vegetable garden full of vegetables of all kinds.


It is not enough to give water and sun to our plants: we must also do our part by helping ourselves with tricks and substances not present in nature. The best way to promote the growth of our plants is with the help of a fertilizer, preferably a natural one. You should stay away from the chemical ones that are on sale in many shops: they can be toxic and inconclusive. In addition to this, there are secrets that few people know and are simply manual tricks . This is how farmers encourage the birth and growth of courgettes.

The farmer’s trick: here’s how to prune courgette plants

This method is foolproof if we don’t have much space in the garden or if we want to make better use of it . Zucchini are vegetables that come from a very voluminous plant full of showy leaves. We must try as much as possible to eliminate the largest and most inconvenient branches and prune them : this will absolutely not affect the correct growth of the courgettes. In fact, these are very large stems that make our gardening activity and even trying to take care of courgettes quite inconvenient.

These leaves are so large that they consume all the plant resources in the soil . Therefore, we can say with certainty that they are quite useless and a hindrance to the nourishment of courgettes . We must proceed with cutting them, paying attention to the stem. However, it will be a good idea to leave the new leaves for a little longer. Recognizing the new ones is simple: they have a much lighter green color than the old ones . By relieving the plant of all this foliage, we will make it healthier. The consequence will be a proliferation of courgettes at levels never seen before: many more will be born thanks to the available space .