There are various ways to propagate roses, but the glass of water method is definitely the best one you can use.

The worst thing that could happen after receiving a gorgeous bouquet of roses is the rapid wilting of the flowers .

To avoid this disappointment, there is a solution: propagate roses ! You can easily do this at home by taking a rose cutting from purchased flowers or an existing plant.

There are, however, several methods for propagating roses beyond cuttings , one of which is very effective. But let’s go in order.

In addition to its renowned therapeutic abilities , aloe also serves as a superior fertilizer and organic rooting agent. Dip rose cuttings in aloe gel to encourage fast, healthy root growth.

To propagate a cut rose , start by cutting it with shears just below the flower. Next, measure five knots down and cut diagonally below the fifth.

The angled incision will improve the rooting ability of the plant compared to a conventional straight cut.

To extract aloe vera pulp , start by tearing a leaf from the plant. Then, cut both ends and carefully cut the center. Extract and collect all the pulp.

Using an immersion blender, blend the pulp until smooth and pour into a glass.

Next, dip the first rose cutting into the pulp and let it rest for five days. Then, plant the cutting in high-quality peat moss. Do not discard the remaining juice, but use it as a spray.

How to propagate roses with these two other methods

To propagate a rose, we can take a cutting and pair it with an aloe vera cutting. After cutting the top and bottom parts, we place the rose cutting directly into the aloe vera cutting.

Propagate roses

Next, we take a jar and create a layer of expanded clay and earth.

We place the cutting inside, covering it with more soil until only the top part of the aloe cutting is visible.

The aloe will act as a container, preventing the soil from absorbing too much liquid from the gel surrounding the cutting.

This helps promote rooting of the rose. New shoots should emerge within a few weeks.

To keep the cutting hydrated, we can use a spray bottle filled with water.

To propagate the plant from a cutting, start by cutting a plastic bottle in half and poking small holes in the bottom with an awl .

Next, mix high-quality expanded clay and peat and fill the bottle halfway. After spraying it generously, let the mixture drain slightly.

Take a cutting with at least 3 or 4 buds and remove most of the leaves with shears. Insert the cutting into the soil and cover it with the other half of the bottle to keep it moist until it roots.

To ensure proper growth, the soil must maintain moisture levels that are neither too wet nor too dry.

rich rose garden

Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and instead opt for a cool, shaded outdoor area .

The third and best method

The third and final method of propagating roses is to clean a twig and place it in a bottle cut in half filled with water.

To give perfume, it is best to put a few drops of essential oil in the water. After a week, the twig will begin to sprout .