Is it possible to propagate the branches of Bougainvillea? With this method the garden and balcony will look beautiful in no time.

Branches of Bougainvillea

Is it possible to propagate the branches of Bougainvillea quickly and quickly, to have a fragrant and colorful garden? There are many techniques and methods to copy, thanks to the many tips of expert nurserymen who emphasize this operation. Obviously, if you do not have a minimum of green thumb and dexterity better to get help step by step.

Propagating the branches of Bougainvillea: expert advice

Bougainvillea is part of the large family Nyctaginaceae. In Italy it is a real symbol, so much so that it embellishes gardens and terraces with its beautiful colors. The period of maximum flowering is in summer until autumn. For those who love flowers, this is definitely the perfect plant to give a touch of light and color to the environment. Its flowers, for those who do not know, are small colored bracts that embrace the central flowers of the cream or yellow nuance.

Propagate bougainvillea branches

The plant is climbing, for this reason it is important to provide all kinds of support, in order that it can be comfortable along the structure provided. Experienced nurserymen confirm that it is possible to propagate the bougainvillea with some particular techniques, using purely the cutting. What is needed to multiply this beautiful plant? Sharp and sterilized scissors, transparent plastic sheet and a container rich in sand and peat.

Rooting and multiplication of the plant

Bougainvillea cuttings can only be obtained from plants that are already developed, already flowering and also well developed (healthy). We proceed by taking a cutting of about 15cm, only from a mature branch that is located under the node. Scissors to be used will need to be disinfected and sharpened, cutting the branch perpendicularly and not sharply.

Now you take a container that is easy to pick up and move, a large plastic pot and a planting tank. The container will have to be filled with coarse sand for half, while the other half will have to be filled with peat. With the help of a pen you will have to make holes all over the soil, corresponding to the cuttings to be cultivated. Continue by removing all the basal leaves of the cuttings, inserting them later into the holes that have been created. From one cutting to another there must be 15cm of space, compacting the earth and nebulizing. Take the plastic sheet ready – transparent – and place the pot inside a veranda where possible, or in a dry place – closed and bright. Experts also recommend using a phytostimulant substance, which helps it to form roots in a healthy and fast way.

Flowering bougainvillea

You can also buy powder for cuttings (rooting hormones), which helps the cutting in its maximum development and formation. Obviously, the soil must be constantly moist but without the cutting being wet. The ideal tap water is non-calcareous, with a rest of 24 hours. Rooting takes place in about a month, taking care to remove condensation from the plastic cover every morning. After this period the plant can be transferred to a larger pot and a bright area.