Owning a garden or arable land is a great asset. Here, in this regard, how to multiply the olive tree in an economic way.

Cut the olive tree

The city is beautiful; the sea is beautiful, but also dipping your hands in the earth and feeling in contact with nature gives indescribable emotions. Obviously, as the Latins used to say, ” de gustibus non disputandum est “, that is, ” there is no discussion about tastes “. And that’s why we choose our hobbies in relation to what makes us feel good. There are those who love to spend their time strolling through the city alleys and those who cannot do without the sea, even just to look at it. And then there are those who, on the other hand, would spend hours and hours in the open air dealing with the art of gardening .

Flowers, plants and trees, in fact, have no secrets for enthusiasts of this sector. Taking care of your garden not only regenerates your mind and body, but it is also an excellent way to spend your free time, and to dedicate yourself to cultivating what, in due time, we can enjoy with our loved ones. Many people who have a large open space at home – or near it – often plant one or more olive trees . And this, as you all know, guarantees the production of an excellent oil.

In some cases, there may be a need or desire to increase the number of olive trees in the garden. But to buy a new plant, depending on its size and age, it is necessary to spend money, something that not everyone, especially nowadays, can afford to do. In these cases, however, there is a zero-cost method that allows us to create new olive trees completely autonomously .

Multiplying the olive tree: how to do it without spending money

No, this is not a joke: it is really possible to obtain new olive trees without necessarily having to buy a new plant. For this, however, it is necessary to already own an olive tree, and possibly a beautiful and strong one.

How to multiply the olive tree

First of all, therefore, let’s start by cutting a branch from our olive tree, but not just any one. The chosen branch, in fact, must be more than one year old . After that, initially, all you have to do is leave it to soak for about twelve hours.

After the necessary time, we will need a box, to spread a mix of earth, peat and mature manure inside it . Once our base has been prepared, we can transfer the previously soaked branch into the crate, and remember to water it every day for at least two months. In this way new roots will form, and at that point our little olive tree can be transferred to the ground.

Properties and benefits of using oil

Italian cuisine is one of the best, tastiest and most appreciated in the world, and for this we must also say thanks to the high quality of the raw materials we use for cooking. Having the possibility of cultivating them with your own hands represents a great added value, and this is well known by those who are lucky enough to have olive trees and produce their own oil .

The benefits of oil

“Green gold”, as it is often defined, as well as being perfect for seasoning our dishes, is also essential for our body. Indeed, it contains a high dose of vitamins ; it reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and takes care of our cardiovascular system . Furthermore, the oil also has magnificent moisturizing properties , capable of nourishing and giving a brighter and healthier appearance to skin and hair .