How to keep parsley alive and make it last for months? Here is the chef’s trick to implement.

parsley on the cutting board

Parsley is a very useful ingredient in the kitchen, to flavor dishes. Having it always fresh on hand could be useful.

What is parsley used for?

A very popular aromatic herb in the kitchen , parsley is used to flavor many dishes such as salads, soups, meats, fish and vegetables. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and iron, it is also an excellent source of antioxidants.

The herb in question comes in two main varieties: curly and flat. The curly one has curled leaves and a stronger flavor, while the flat one has flat leaves and a more delicate flavor.

In cooking, this herb can be finely chopped and added to a variety of dishes for flavor. It can also serve as a garnish for dishes such as salads, soups and baked potatoes.

Available both fresh and dried, fresh parsley is preferred by many chefs for its more intense flavour. When buying fresh, it is important to choose fresh, green leaves and remove any yellow or wilted leaves.


How to keep parsley alive: the trick to preserve it

First, you’ll need to get some parsley, preferably very fresh. Wash it and place it on a cutting board. With the help of a knife, proceed to cut it into coarse pieces.

The next step is to place the fresh, chopped parsley in a fairly deep bowl. Next, you need to add a spoonful of baking soda . Pour cold water over it so that all the parsley is submerged and the baking soda dissolves. With the help of a spoon, push the leaves into the water, so that it soaks well.

At this point, the parsley must be left to soak for about a quarter of an hour. Meanwhile, clean the cutting board with some vinegar alcohol. In this way, you will be sure that all the bacteria will be eliminated and the chopping board will be ready to be used for another use. After 15 minutes, rinse the herb under running water. The water should be changed about three times.

On the clean cutting board, place a clean sponge cloth on which you will place the previously drained aromatic herb. Dry it well with the towel. At this point, we will need a clean and dry jar. Line the bottom of the jar with paper towels. Make it adhere well to the walls of the jar with the help of a spoon.

How to keep parsley alive

The jar will be filled with parsley. The jar should be one of those made of transparent glass, with an airtight seal. At this point, the jar of parsley can go into the refrigerator and remain fresh and intact for about a month. After finding this trick, we are sure that you will never leave it again.