Are you curious to find out how to grow parsley in a simple and safe way directly at home? Here is the best method to obtain a abundant harvest of this aromatic herb.

Parsley in jar

Parsley is an aromatic herb used by everyone in the kitchen to give flavor to an infinite number of first courses, second courses, appetizers and side dishes Its use in the kitchen, therefore, is massive. Usually, it is minced into very small pieces and used to make tasty sautéed vegetables for your recipes.

This aromatic herb can also be used in making sauces to accompany fish or meat-based recipes and to give flavor to many other foods. A completely versatile aromatic herb capable of improving the taste of many recipes.

The parsley plant is very simple to grow at home and is perfect for placing in a pot on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. The important thing, however, is that this vessel is of good depth. The roots of parsley, in fact, go very deep. The capacity and depth of the pot where to insert our parsley, therefore, will be an important aspect to consider at the time of cultivation.

In this article we will mention the best method for growing the parsley plant directly at home . We will discover all the steps to follow to always have a rich and abundant parsley harvest. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Parsley always abundant? Here is the best method to grow this aromatic herb

The first thing to do to proceed with an advantageous cultivation of parsley will be, as mentioned, to get a fairly large pot . The roots of the plant, in fact, must have enough space. The vase can be made of terracotta, stone or plastic material.


Generally, a vase made of any material could be fine for parsley. The plastic vase , however, is more suitable. In fact, it allows excess water to flow away and not stagnate in the roots . As? Making small holes under the plastic pot . This, therefore, is the very first operation to be performed before proceeding with the actual cultivation of parsley.

It will now be necessary to proceed with inserting the right soil inside the pot. For sowing, a fertilized soil that has a pH between 6 and 8 will be suitable. It must be fairly sandy and able to drain water well. Vermicompost is obtained from earthworm humus and is an excellent fertilizer for a plant such as parsley .

Alternatively, there are various fertilizers on the market that are ideal for growing this aromatic plant. Once you have inserted plenty of soil, you will have to scatter the seeds – which can be purchased at any gardening shop – randomly throughout the pot . A couple of handfuls of seeds will be enough to ensure luxuriant growth of parsley.

Once you’ve placed the seeds in the pot, you’ll need to cover them with at least an inch more of soil . Now let’s find out the ideal conditions to make your parsley plant grow at its best. Here are the details.

Cultivation of parsley: tips for a bountiful harvest

To grow strong and lush, parsley  requires exposure to direct sunlight . It will be important that the sun’s rays “kiss” your parsley at least 5 or 6 hours a day . It will be important to place it in a slightly shaded place on your balcony or garden. On days of more intense heat, however, it is recommended to remove the seedling from direct exposure to the sun, leaving it only in the light.

Cultivation of parsley

Direct exposure , however, must be done only and exclusively when the plant has grown . In the early stages of life, in fact, the seedling will only need a lot of light, but not direct contact with the sun’s rays.

Furthermore, the soil must always be kept fairly moist. Parsley watering is essential. In fact, this plant requires a lot of water , especially at the beginning.

About 30-40 days after sowing , the parsley plant will have already reached a good size , testifying to how quickly it can grow, if all the steps have to be performed correctly. Parsley tolerates temperate climates well and can be placed wherever you want, even on the windowsill.