Orchids are among the most fascinating and magical plants you can grow at home. Not only for their beauty, but also because they are able to grow in many different ways, some of which are truly very original!

Among these we find the steam method : this technique allows the roots of the plant to grow very quickly and above all healthy and strong. Let’s see what it’s about.


Growing orchids with the steam method

With this method, the flowers will bloom much more beautiful and in “shape”. First you will need to use garlic powder . You understood correctly, this product contains many vitamins and nutrients that are absolutely excellent for plant growth.

Use a teaspoon of this substance and then pour boiling water over it. Now pour the mixture into a vaporizer, making sure to strain it properly first (use cheesecloth or a cloth). You must then add half a liter of water.

Start spraying it on the leaves of an orchid plant and on the roots so that it can grow very healthy and strong and can fight the attack of various insects and parasites. The garlic will also help the plant to settle more easily in the new “house” that we are going to create.

At this point we use an empty plastic bottle and begin to cut the part of the cap, up to about ten centimeters. At this point, working on this cut part (which has a funnel shape), we will make various holes just above the opening where the cap would go.

Conclusion of procedure

At this point all we have to do is place our perforated “funnel” in the other half of the bottle and above all we will have to place the plant inside (make sure to eliminate the dry roots first).

Now let’s use some pieces of styrofoam to fill in the spaces. Fill the other half of the bottle with water and place the funnel with the plant on it. The water must only partially touch the roots: we place everything on a bright area and water abundantly.

Once the roots have grown well, and have used the holes previously made to “exit”, you can transfer it into a larger container, which allows the growth of the plant to give free rein. You will notice that the orchids will be healthy, fresh, lush and with very colorful flowers.

Follow the instructions you find in the video below to best follow the steam growth technique: you will surely be surprised!