One of the most beautiful spring plants to give and to treat yourself


It is one of the most beautiful spring plants to give as gifts and to treat yourself, but how to grow hydrangea in pots or in the garden ? Its bright green leaves and colorful flowers , perfect for impressive floral arrangements, make it one of the plants that everyone wants and to which you want to guarantee a long life.

Meaning of hydrangea

Like all flowers, the hydrangea also hides a message. The meaning of hydrangea is love, that is, declaring deep and unique love for a person .

How to grow hydrangea in pots

The hydrangea must live in a pot that is large enough but proportionate to the size of the plant itself. Stagnation must be avoided , so it is important to always empty the saucer and check it. Cultivating it in pots is a good solution for those who live in Abruzzo, because in winter it is better to bring it inside, since it cannot bear too cold temperatures . In order not to let it grow too much, it is advisable to prune it during rest periods, therefore in autumn after flowering, in full winter or just before the beginning of spring.

How to grow hydrangea in the garden

A little more difficult in our area to grow hydrangea in the garden. Requires a mix of fresh soil and peat. Coffee grounds can be added to maintain an acidic pH. The hydrangea prefers cool and humid environments, better in partial shade and never in direct sun . Be careful with the water for watering it: it must not be too calcareous. Better to use rain water.

How to prune a hydrangea

It is always necessary to eliminate old and shabby or too long branches, to ensure a long life for your hydrangea. Pruning should be done when it is not flowering, therefore from the end of autumn to just before the beginning of spring, never in summer.