Hardly anyone knows the farmer’s method for growing ginger, lemongrass and garlic at home: a trick to learn right away.

Growing ginger

In a world made of technology, today people want to get back in direct contact with the earth. Having a  small DIY garden at home is the dream of many, even if you don’t always have a green thumb. In this case the farmers come to the rescue with their easy-to-apply method. It involves growing ginger and lemongrass directly in the home garden, as well as multiplying garlic and having it available whenever you want. How to do? It’s very simple.

The farmer’s method, how to grow ginger and lemongrass at home?

There are many people who would like a small green corner in their home, also dedicating themselves to growing something. The Farmers’ Method teaches you step-by-step how to grow ginger and lemongrass , in just a few steps.

To grow ginger you need to have some ready and washed product . Then each part is broken in two and placed inside a glass bowl or glass baking dish.

grow ginger

At this point, water is added and covered with a wet cloth. Let the ginger take its course and after a week you will be able to see the first roots. If they are not yet developed, repeat the process for another week. The parts of ginger with the root will then have to be placed in a vase with earth, so that other ginger plants can grow indefinitely .

The same goes for lemongrass, to be multiplied as desired with a very easy method.

grow lemongrass

Take the stems and cut the thin part underneath with the help of a knife. Once done on all the stems available, prepare a jar full of water for each stem (not in pairs or groups). Let the water run its course and after a few days you will be able to notice the first roots.

Once the roots have developed , the stems can be placed in the soil so that you can have seedlings endlessly.

Tips for growing garlic at home

The farmer’s method could not be missing even for the cultivation of garlic . In this case you work directly with whole heads of garlic.

grow garlic

These will need to be peeled completely . Then they arrange vases/containers full of water where to delicately place the garlic. The same must not be submerged in water, but the affected part will only be the one below for the development of the roots. As time goes on you will notice increasingly longer white roots and when they have reached the end of the pot they can be removed.

Also in this case they will have to be placed in a vase with earth, but first the head of garlic will be divided clove by clove . Only at this point can the root be inserted into the ground and wait for it to multiply.