If you have a hydrangea plant in your garden, here are some very useful tips that will allow you to have healthy, brightly colored plants.

get colorful hydrangeas

How to get colorful hydrangeas: tips for you!

Have you noticed that your hydrangeas have a dull color? You can restart the shade by giving the soil a potassium-based fertilizer, but one that has little phosphorus and little nitrogen.

It is very important to donate iron and aluminum to the plant . If you do not have these substances, you can insert a nail into the soil near the roots . If you want to obtain a color tending towards blue , choose a more acidic soil ; but if you prefer a pink color instead , make sure your soil is alkaline .

How to obtain alkaline soil

  1. Fertilize with ash, an excellent alkalizing substance for the soil. to prevent the soil from acidifying too much. Mix it with the manure.
  2. Water with calcareous water, tap water is perfect in some areas of Italy. Add calcium carbonate or lime to the  soil .

How to obtain acidic soil

What to do to obtain acidic soil? Vinegar, lemon juice, coca-cola, orange juice, beer, wine and tomato are a natural method to correct the acidity of the soil . Coffee grounds are also excellent, an ancient and effective method for this need.

General hydrangea care tips

Knowing how to choose the right vase

If you have decided to plant your hydrangeas inside a vase, then you will need to know how to choose the container of the most suitable size for the plant. If your plant is small, you will need a pot with a diameter of 40 cm, if it is large, the pot must have a diameter of about 60 cm.

What temperature should the plant be at?

Hydrangeas do not like direct sunlight because their optimal temperature is around 18°C. Too much heat could irreparably damage your plant.

During the colder months you can choose whether to leave the plant outside your home or bring it indoors, but it must be placed near a window but not close to radiators.

How much water does the hydrangea plant need

During the warmer months, hydrangeas need constantly wet soil and should be watered once a day. However, during the colder months, you need to make sure that the soil does not become dry.

Also pay attention to the temperature of the water, because it should not be too hot or too cool.

How to keep pests away

Has your hydrangea been attacked by pests?   You can delete them with:

  • Marseille soap diluted with water
  • Sodium bicarbonate, also dissolved with a little water.

If a part of the plant has been damaged   by parasites, that area must be eliminated to avoid the risk of making the whole inflorescence sick.

How often to prune the plant

A further tip for hydrangea enthusiasts is the pruning of the plant, which should be done at least once every 12 months.

Happy gardening!