The natural method of extracting rose branches with the help of bananas. In an instant everyone can do it quickly.

Take out the rose branches

For those who love roses and gardens full of flowers there is a little gardener’s trick to use. To plant rose branches you only need one banana and with a few cents you can have a beautiful harvest. The simple things are always the ones that help you achieve your goals. An ancient, natural and fun method for having a garden or nursery full of fragrant and beautiful flowers. Experts have decided to reveal this secret , so that everyone can apply it.

Banana for rose branches: the expert method

Expert trick for rose branches is quick, cheap and fun. For those with a green thumb it is a panacea, especially discovering what gardeners reveal to obtain rich flowering. However, even those who do not have a green thumb will finally be able to apply the method and obtain wonderful results.

The first thing to do is to equip yourself with a cutter – after wearing gloves – starting to cut the stem of a rose on two edges. To keep them separated, use a small stone.

banana for roses

Now take a ripe, organic banana , which will be used for extracting the rose. The heart of the cut fruit wraps around the two edges. To keep everything in place you can use a clamp, without tightening and without letting the pulp come out.

Planting roses without spending money: advice from the experts

To apply this particular method, you take a broken plastic vase to act as a screen. It is cut and wrapped around the stem, where the piece of banana is . Everything must always be held in place with the help of cable ties, although they must not be too tight.

It’s time to pour some soil and then flatten it, so that it can work best on the rose branches.

rose branches

The plant must grow at its best and with vertical development, for this reason it can be tied to a shrub. This is also an expert method, so as to avoid any type of curvature or fold during its development. The results of this beautiful work will be seen after about a month.

Subsequently, the pot can be separated from the shrub and then broken with scissors. What happened? The banana is no longer there and has turned into highly fertile soil. Then the splitting of the stem produced roots, thanks to the properties of the banana that worked to obtain this result.

A method that can be repeated over time, ensuring that the rose plant is placed in a suitable vase in the garden or on the terrace. In a short time you will be able to obtain a fragrant flowering even with just a few cents and with the help of a banana.