Here’s how you can take care of yellow Cycas leaves. Only nurserymen knew this incredible solution.

Yellowed cycad leaves

We reveal everything about how to care for yellow Cycas leaves . These very simple measures will be enough to make them green and lush again as they once were.

Cycas, an incredible plant

Cycas is a very particular plant, with an appearance similar to that of a palm tree In reality, you should know that these are very ancient plants, similar to conifers.

This plant is characterized by some leaves called “pinnate”, which start from the apex of the stem. These leaves are even capable of measuring 20 meters!

Yellow leaves of this plant

In reality, this plant consists of two types of leaves: green ones and non-green ones. One of the biggest objectives for those who grow them is to keep their leaves green: sometimes this is a real challenge, but below we will explain how to do it.

Inside them, especially in the part near the roots , these plants have “coral-like growths”, rich in cyanobacteria. These plants reproduce with pollination that occurs thanks to the wind and insects. As regards artificial reproduction, however, the male strobilium is usually extracted and then shaken onto the female flower: only when the flowers close will fertilization have occurred.

If you have decided to grow a Cycas plant, but you don’t know how to do it and you fear that the leaves will turn yellow , below we offer you some very useful advice that will help you prevent the problem.

However, if you are already growing a Cycas plant and notice that its leaves are gradually turning green, don’t worry, because with this remedy you will find a solution to the problem.

How to care for its yellow leaves

Many times, Cycas leaves can go from being green to yellow. There are reasons why this happens and they usually come down to magnesium deficiency. The phenomenon of yellowing of the leaves is known as chlorosis.

Once we notice the presence of yellowness in some parts of this plant , we must absolutely act to prevent this color from taking over and spreading throughout the entire plant.

Healthy cycad

If yellow has now propagated or is doing so, all you need to focus on is undoubtedly rebalancing the soil on which the plant is growing. In particular, you should provide it with the right nutrients. Specific advice is to get a specific fertilizer for this plant, which is able to provide microelements.

Only in this way will we be able to prevent its leaves from becoming yellow and dry, from becoming weak and from losing that bright green color that we were so fond of.

Furthermore, not everyone knows this, but you must absolutely avoid  watering this plant too frequently, because excess nitrogen can cause serious damage. Remember to water the Cycas only when you notice that its soil is completely dry.