Homemade weed killer, with this solution you will spend less than 50 cents. You can prepare it with just these ingredients. Ready to discover the secret that will save your garden?


You can make a homemade herbicide spending very little with this solution: with less than 50 cents you can say goodbye to weeds .

Weedkiller: what it is and what it is used for

Weedkiller , also known as herbicide , is a generally chemical product that has one objective: to destroy unwanted weeds and pests . This is a super powerful pesticide.

Artificial weed killer

Two categories can be distinguished : selective and non-selective . Selective herbicides target a specific type of plant and eliminate unwanted weeds without attacking other crops.

However, non-selective ones destroy a large category of plants . They are often used on highways or even in industrial areas. It is important to know that artificial or chemical herbicides represent a serious risk for the environment but not only for it, but also for animals and people.

Among the most dangerous ones are herbicides that contain glyphosate which, according to the World Health Organization, is a chemical substance that pollutes soil and water, also damaging biodiversity.

How to overcome this problem? You could create a natural and above all very economical herbicide : with less than 50 cents you can say goodbye to annoying weeds.

The natural herbicide that will save your garden

Do you also find yourself facing the problem of persistent weeds ? From today everything changes. With this natural and economical herbicide , because it will cost you less than €0.50, you will be able to give a new life to your garden and also save your plants.


Ready to find out how to make it? So let’s start right away. To create our natural weed killer you will need table salt , i.e. the classic iodized salt (you will need 200 g).

Now add a little water to cover the salt and mix everything . At this point, take a transparent plastic bottle , even better if it is 2 liters, and with the help of a funnel pour your solution into it.

Another important step: you must add 200 ml of dishwashing liquid and finally a spoonful of baking soda to this mixture. Pour more water into your bottle and close it with the cap.

With the help of a cutter or a pointed tool, create some holes in your cap: this step will make it easier to dose the water. That’s it, your weed killer is ready. Apply it for 3 or 5 days on the weeds and you will see that in a flash they will disappear.

As you can see, with this simple trick you can get rid of weeds by making a natural product and spending very little . If you do the math, it will cost you less than 50 cents to make this weed killer .

Have you seen how alternative solutions to the use of chemicals can be found simply with a little ingenuity? There are also other natural methods you can use to say goodbye to weeds.

For example, get the classic table salt , pour two tablespoons of it into hot water and add a little natural liquid soap . Pour the product into a spray bottle and spray it on the weeds: this way you will also be able to achieve your goal.

Therefore, a few simple natural ingredients can solve a problem that is usually treated with the use of chemical pesticides and pollutants . We think not only about ourselves but also about saving the environment.

Were you aware of this trick? It is usually used by the most experts and gardening lovers. From today, however, this solution will also be available to you. Throw away the chemicals and pollutants and start creating your own natural herbicide in a very short time and above all at a very low cost.

Natural weed killer