Here’s a home remedy to eliminate aphids from plants for just a few cents: it’s in the kitchen and it’s really cheap. It’s really him.

Home remedy

Do you have a problem with aphids and don’t know how to get rid of them permanently? You could try a home method that is decidedly economical and extremely valid. If your plants are full of aphids, this problem must be resolved quickly, so as not to make it even more serious. The remedy consists of a product that costs very little and is generally found in all kitchens.

How to identify the aphid problem

In short, below we will talk about a problem that can affect your plants and therefore indirectly affect us too. This problem seems to have a specific name: aphids.

Many of you will have heard about it: what to do to fight these parasites? First of all it is important to understand what we are talking about in detail. In short, you must first know your enemy.

First it must be said that in these cases many people do not intend to use traditional pesticides, but natural remedies that can still be very efficient in controlling these parasites.

And for this there are valid solutions, including one that is very attractive and also very economical and truly accessible to everyone.

Consider, first of all, that the attack by aphids can be harmful not only to the plants in your garden, but also to those present in your apartment. This is because these insects reproduce very quickly, feeding on the juice present inside the plants.

The aphid is a herbivorous parasite that damages the plant enormously, as it pierces the leaves to feed on the sap.

It arrives mainly in the spring period, settling on the side of the plants.

By periodically checking the plants, you will immediately notice the infestation which will be evident to your eyes. The most important aspect is to carry out a check on the rear area and on the stems in the shade, during the growth of healthy plants.

It is important to check often, because only in this way can you notice the presence of these insects in time.

Consider that aphids prefer juices coming from fresh plants, especially those deriving for example from buds and vines. This is why you must be very careful and scrupulous, trying to identify them in time, so as to be able to eliminate them before they irremediably damage your plants .

How can the problem be solved: the remedy

Pesticides in the chemical version as well as other preparations of this kind can cause considerable damage to nature. This is why it is always advisable to prefer the use of natural and equally safe products, which among other things can often already be found in our homes.

Among the most effective ecological substances for fighting aphids, we find the classic vinegar. This is an optimal remedy to remove this type of insect from your garden and from the plants in your home.


To obtain a highly useful compound in these cases, all you have to do is dilute the vinegar in water, possibly based on a 1:10 ratio. Remember that, at this step, it is essential not to do the opposite.

Once the mixture in question has been created, it can be poured into a spray bottle. Subsequently, this container will be used to spray the solution on the plants infected with aphids.

This procedure must be carried out as frequently as possible, so as to be able to completely block this problem.

Keep in mind that natural methodologies are not only ecological, but also very economical. It is therefore advisable to use chemical products only as a last method.

Another alternative method: here’s what it is

Another ingredient that can be used as a homemade method is the one corresponding to the onion.


In fact, its decoction can have a protective and preventive effect against certain fungal diseases.

It can be prepared by pouring 1 liter of water into a pan, with the addition of 3 onions cut into thin slices. Cook for 15 minutes and, after letting the mixture cool, pour it into the sprayer and then spray it on the plants.

This treatment must be repeated every 3 days and, instead of onion, the decoction can also be prepared with chopped garlic and kept in water for 1 day. Then continue with the same procedure as with the onion.

In short, these are certainly natural remedies to get rid of these parasites: there seem to be at least 5000 species in the world and they can really damage our plants precisely because they seem to feed on their sap.

Here they pierce the leaves and swallow the juice. Be on alert especially in spring: attention must be high during this period, whether the plants are at home or in the garden.

In order to preserve the health of our plants, let’s follow these tips and there will certainly be no regrets: in short, vinegar can now become your best friend in this sense too. And not just vinegar! Seeing is believing, even with the help of onion.