Do you want to have a laurel plant on your balcony that is always healthy? Here are some tricks that you will always have to follow to never have problems of any kind.

Fresh laurel

Laurel is an evergreen plant with incredible benefits for our health. It is an aromatic plant, capable of best flavoring many recipes and guaranteeing significant benefits to our body . Bay leaves are used to create tasty condiments for various meat dishes and more. They will also be used to make infusions, herbal teas and, in some specific cases, also alcoholic products, such as liqueurs.

Very often people buy bay leaves directly at the supermarket, without realizing how convenient, practical and simple it is to grow a bay plant on their home balcony or in the garden.

Having a laurel plant at home, always available, could be really important, both in relation to the preparation of tasty culinary recipes and for other specific aspects.

As we have said, the beneficial properties of laurel are countless. For example, if used in a decoction, infusion or herbal tea, it will alleviate various ailments and significantly improve our digestion . Laurel also relieves several intestinal disorders and abdominal swelling . This plant is also associated with a property capable of combating aerophagia.

In this article, however, we do not want to make a treatise on the beneficial properties of the laurel plant, but rather to discover some techniques for making the laurel plant always grow healthy and abundant . Let’s find out all the information about it.

The tricks to make the laurel plant grow at its best on the balcony of your home

We said that growing a plant from back then on your home balcony is really very simple. Let’s find out how to make it grow in a completely healthy way and without it suffering. Growing laurel can be done either by planting seeds or by planting a newly born shoot from a shrub. For cultivation in pots on the balcony, the planting technique with seeds is more recommended.


The soil where you are going to plant your laurel seedling must then be soft enough and drained effectively. Furthermore, despite what one might believe, it should not have a huge number of organic nutrients. It will be enough that the soil is universal and rich in fertilizer and earthworm humus . You can ask your trusted nursery for more information.

The pot in which to plant the laurel seedling must be of medium size . The important thing is that the development of the roots is facilitated as best as possible. The hole must have some holes for water drainage, preventing it from dangerously stagnating.

Inside the pot, you will need to insert the soil that we have previously described. Now all you have to do is place your seedling inside the pot with the soil. Let’s find out now how to best cultivate and take care of this seedling over time . Here are some tricks.

Cultivation on the balcony: here are the best strategies

Not all plants have the same rules and the same places to grow at their best. Each one, in fact, differs based on the soil, the choice of location – more in the shade or the sun – the quantity of water needed for irrigation and many other factors. Our laurel plant will need to be placed mainly in the shade , but it will not disdain receiving sunlight for 3 or 4 hours a day.

Laurel seedling

The important thing, however, is that it is not illuminated directly by the sun’s rays , since it could “suffer” this condition for too long. The balcony, in an illuminated and dimly lit place, will be the ideal place for the location of your laurel plant.

As far as irrigation is concerned , then, it will be essential not to give the seedling too much water. Carry out this operation only and exclusively when the soil is particularly dry . Furthermore, the irrigation will be better to take place in the cooler hours of the day, as for all plants. Therefore, choose either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

As we said, you can remove the leaves from your plant that you will need for your cooking preparations . It will be necessary to use very clean scissors, but without removing just one leaf from the branch. Instead, you will have to cut the entire branch , so that growth is not interrupted and a new branch can develop quickly.