Orchids are among the most appreciated decorative plants for the beauty of their flowers and their splendid colors. But taking care of them can sometimes be difficult. Do you know how to have healthy roots and abundant flowers? You have to give this remedy to your plants .


Orchids, what a passion! The secret to having healthy roots and abundant flowers has been revealed . All you need to do is make this homemade elixir with very simple ingredients. Ready to see your plants reborn?

How to care for orchids

Orchids are among the decorative plants most appreciated by Italians . The beauty of their flowers and the colors that characterize them make this plant much loved even by those who are not experts in floriculture.


Everyone will have given or purchased one of these plants as a gift or for themselves. You will have been informed, or they will certainly have told you, that it is a very delicate species that requires special care and needs to survive.

If the instructions on how to keep orchids alive are not clear to you , continue reading the article and find out how to make these plants lush and splendid, with healthy roots and lots of flowers.

Here we are? So let’s proceed! Simply prepare a homemade mixture with a few simple ingredients. We are sure your orchids will thank you. Ready to discover the secret used by green thumbs?

The homemade blend for healthy roots and abundant flowers

We know it very well: taking care of orchids is not as simple as you might think. In reality, taking care of plants is complicated, especially if you are not an expert green thumb.


If you too have purchased one of these plants or if it was given to you as a gift but you have not yet enjoyed the magnificent spectacle of its flowering, do not fear. We present you with a solution that will reinvigorate your orchids in no time.

Curious to know how to have abundant flowers and healthy roots? You need to prepare this homemade mixture for which you will only need two ingredients: rice and water . Here’s how to proceed.

According to the most experts, it is a real liquid plant food to nourish your plants. First of all, all you need to do is get a full cup of basmati rice which you will sear in a pan for three minutes.

Then, once the rice has cooled, you will blend it in a blender. You will see that you will obtain a white powder that you can place in a glass jar: your natural fertilizer is ready . How should you use it? We’ll explain it to you right away.

Depending on the number of orchids you will have to water, you will place a teaspoon of rice powder mixed in plenty of hot or cold water in a container or bowl with an elongated neck .

Mix well with a steel teaspoon . That’s all. Now all you need to do is water your orchids by wetting the roots with 8 teaspoons of this vegetable liquid. You will see that the rice powder will settle at the bottom, releasing important vitamins and mineral salts into the water which will allow your orchid to develop many flowers and have healthy roots.

Rice powder

What you are going to create is a real natural fertilizer that you will obviously have to use not daily but once a month . Remember to water your orchids regularly instead. You will see that with this system you will have shining plants, with strong roots and beautiful flowers.

To take care of orchids, however, we also have another secret that we are sure will be useful to you. Do you know that you should use clear plastic pots for your plants ? Are you wondering why? We’ll explain it to you right away.

The transparent plastic pot helps you understand more easily if your plant is in good health , if there is an excess of roots or if parasites have developed. Furthermore, the transparent pots filter the sunlight which will only hit the roots, giving your plant all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.

Plants in transparent pots