Thanks to one ingredient we can have a very lush and healthy orchid. Here’s what it is.

Healthy and thriving orchid

In our homes, we often tend to use plants to ensure that not only our living room is filled with our ever green friends but also to bring joy and serenity.

Some of these plants are also important due to the fact that they tend to absorb excess humidity and therefore prevent condensation and consequently humidity from forming on the walls.

Orchid: the nurserymen’s method to make it grow healthy and robust

Therefore, this prevents mold from forming and the air in which there are some plants will be purified due to the exchange and presence of our green friends who give us well-being.

Orchid: the nurserymen's method

Furthermore, the presence of flowers and plants on our balcony but also inside our rooms helps the insect population which is important due to pollination and the health of the environment.

If we keep plants near balconies or on them, pollinating insects can rest on them and suck nectar from the flowers of our plants so that they can then continue their work.

Orchid: the nurserymen's method

This allows us to safeguard the planet and ensure that nature does its job as it should and so we can also draw the positive sides of this gesture done for our friends.

Among the most widespread and most used plants at home is the orchid which can be found on the market in all its species and which is always a symbol of elegance and beauty, so much so that it is also used in weddings and other celebrations.

Often, however, some tend to avoid buying flowers and plants because they cannot keep them alive but there are some simple methods that involve the use of just a few ingredients.

One of these is that of nurserymen who with a single ingredient keep the orchid robust and vigorous and allow you to have beautiful flowers when they are ready to bloom in their period.

How to proceed

The method involves using approximately 10 drops of lemon juice in 200 milliliters of water . Once the two ingredients have been combined, take a cotton pad for removing make-up or a wad and immerse it in the liquid.

After that, you need to pass everything over the leaves of the orchid which will absorb the liquid and avoid the formation of dust and will tend to grow strongly with a very solid shrub.

Orchid: the nurserymen's method

Furthermore, we can use the liquid as fertilizer, especially when we find orchid plants where there are visible roots. Just dip half a glass of the mixture.

As time passes we will see how the leaves and branches will become greener and greener and how the flowers will tend to grow and give beautiful colors while avoiding the formation of mold or specks.

The operation must be repeated at least once a week, so that our plant can benefit from all the properties of lemon juice and that dust or dirt does not form on its leaves which could compromise the birth of the flowers and their permanence.