The geranium is one of the most widespread flowers in Italy. We often find them in the garden or on the terrace and thanks to their colors and beauty they make the place where they are found elegant and welcoming. But how can they be made healthy and thriving? A spoonful of this ingredient is enough: let’s find out more.

Healthy and thriving geranium

Geraniums, like all flowers, need care and attention, which is why it is necessary to put some rules into practice so that they achieve impeccable flowering. If your geraniums are dull and not at all healthy looking, you are definitely doing something wrong. Precisely for this reason, today, we reveal an effective method that makes this flower lush and healthy: let’s discover the incredible trick that few know.

How to care for geraniums: all the details

If you want your geranium to be impeccable, you will have to keep an eye on it every day, for example, if you notice dead leaves or dried flowers, eliminate them immediately, otherwise they will take away unnecessary energy from your plant, help yourself with garden shears 

Furthermore, every year, place the geranium in a pot slightly larger than the previous one. Always choose a clayey soil , even if it would be better to use one specific for this type of flowers.

Prune geraniums

Irrigation is essential, for this reason, it is necessary to water it with warm water. In summer, the earth must never be dry, make sure it is always moist. But in winter, be careful, because the frost could cause them to die. Also, never wet the leaves.

If your geranium doesn’t flower, it’s definitely because there is some problem. One of the most common causes is the position of the plant . You will have to expose it to the sun, since brightness is really important.

Even pruning is no different, you will have to do it at the beginning of spring and you will only have to eliminate the dry and withered stems. However, not everyone knows that there is also a trick to make geraniums grow impeccably and healthily. You will need an ingredient , we are talking about corn starch: let’s find out more. 

Corn starch in geraniums: the foolproof trick

Cornstarch is often used in cooking, but it’s actually very useful for the garden. Especially for geraniums which are very often affected by parasites . All you need to do is put a spoonful of cornstarch in the jar and it will drive away any type of worm.

Colorful geraniums

It is a natural, economical and effective remedy, in fact, it is not at all aggressive for the plant, given that its smell and its properties will annoy the parasites. Furthermore, it will improve the soil because it helps root development. Not only that, it will restore moisture. In a short time, you will see the results, your geraniums will immediately be healthy and will have a bright and lively color. They will finally come back to life.