How to grow Mango at home quickly and easily!

Tropical fruit is increasingly present on our tables, now we can find it in all supermarkets. The pleasantness of the flavor naturally depends on our personal taste, however, the aesthetics of these plants is unknown to almost everyone. Yet, many tropical plants, in addition to bearing fruit rich in vitamins, are also very beautiful. If we want to create a unique corner in our home, let’s grow a mango plant starting from the simple fruit, it’s really very simple.


How to grow Mango at home quickly and easily!

Necessary material

  • A very sharp knife,
  • a couple of sheets of blotting paper,
  • some water,
  • a clear plastic container,
  • transparent film.

How to obtain the kernel

When we go to prepare the mango to eat it, we usually don’t pay much attention to the core, in this case, however, it is necessary not to damage it.

If the fruit is very ripe, it will be sufficient to make an incision along the entire perimeter, trying not to touch the stone, then it will be enough to rotate the two halves to release it. If, on the other hand, the pulp is firmer, we will be forced to make slices, always being careful not to touch the stone, releasing it little by little.

Once we have the long-awaited stone in our hands, we must extract the inside, once again being very careful not to ruin it. Generally on the external part there is a slit, we start from that to open it and extract the internal pulp, it must come out completely whole.

How to treat the hazelnut to make the plant grow

When we finally have the mango seed in our hands, gently wrap it in a couple of sheets of absorbent paper, place it inside the container and wet the entire paper towel with our hands or with a spray bottle. It must be well soaked in water but not soaked. We wrap the entire container with transparent film, in this way we will have created a mini greenhouse that will keep the seed in the right temperature and humidity conditions. We place the container in a well-lit place but away from direct sunlight. In about ten days, we will see the first shoots of our beautiful mango plant appear.