Zucchini is undoubtedly a plant that can not miss in our garden. But not everyone knows the tricks that are needed to keep zucchini always beautiful and fresh In fact, it would be enough to grow it near another plant: let’s find out what it is.

Zucchini plant

The zucchini plant is very easy to grow, but she also needs all the nutrients. Only in this way can you get an excellent vegetable. For example, did you know that if you grow it next to another plant, your zucchini will always be beautiful and fresh? Not to be believed, but it is a trick that many farmers use: here is the plant we are talking about.

Growing zucchini always beautiful and fresh: all the details

The zucchini plant can never be missing in the garden. Not only for its delicious fruit, but also for the delicious zucchini flowers that are excellent for preparing many recipes. Although growing zucchini is very simple, you must always keep an eye on it during the different phases of the plant, because different problems can arise.

Precisely for this reason, we must pay attention to all procedures, therefore, to planting, watering and harvesting. But there is an incredible trick that will always keep them healthy, lush and beautiful. It will be enough just to grow a plant near the zucchini. This is a trick that many farmers use: let’s find out more.


Grow this plant near zucchini: the foolproof trick

In most  home gardens, we can find the zucchini plant. Growing this vegetable is really very easy, but if you do not have the right precautions it could rot very easily. Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb, for this reason, it is necessary to put into practice a quick and easy trick.

Many farmers, to prevent the zucchini plant from dying even before it bears fruit, grow another plant nearby. It is a remedy that few people know but that works. But have you figured out which plant we are talking about? You will never believe it, but it is a well-known aromatic herb, that is, rosemary.


Why does rosemary not rot the zucchini plant? In reality it is not thanks to rosemary, but to bees. Zucchini flowers rot before growing, because they may not have been pollinated by bees. So, this aromatic herb has the task of attracting them to the zucchini.

Pollen is a fundamental component because it favors the development of any plant, in fact, it cannot be missing. The trick we have just talked about, has been used for many years by the most experienced farmers, in fact, not everyone knows it. But it is a great way to keep your zucchini always healthy, beautiful and lush.