Garlic is certainly a precious ingredient that can never be missing in the kitchen. It is a product that enriches and enhances the flavor of many dishes, thanks to its unique aroma. Do you know the methods for storing garlic for a long time? Here are some tips to keep this ingredient perfectly while avoiding the growth of sprouts.


Goodbye sprouted garlic: My grandmother’s method is infallible!

What happens when garlic is not stored well?

Usually, garlic requires some important precautions and some favorable conditions to keep well. Sprouting is certainly a phenomenon that demonstrates poor storage of garlic . When green shoots start to grow, in fact, it means that the garlic is starting to deteriorate. Generally, there are two conditions that accelerate this negative process, we are talking about light and humidity.

Usually, garlic is an ingredient that keeps for a long time and that we can use in the kitchen at any time, but if we don’t create the right conditions, we can easily lose it. To perfectly preserve garlic, therefore, we advise you to keep both the light and the humidity of the environment in which it is located under control . Here are the most effective conservation methods.

How to store garlic correctly?

To be able to preserve garlic for a long time, we advise you first of all to opt for special containers. For example, you can store it inside glass jars with lids , in order to close it hermetically, to prevent humidity from forming. Before carrying out this operation, obviously, make sure that the jars are very clean and completely dry. You can also take a small amount of fresh garlic and place it in the jar in cloves, or chopped. In this case, you will have to pay attention to any cuticles or dirty parts.

At this stage, you need to put the jar with garlic in a dry dark place. We recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight and the kitchen sink, which is a very dangerous source of moisture. it is therefore preferable to keep the jar in a pantry where the temperature remains constant and moderate . This is the ideal solution for storing garlic perfectly without the risk of it deteriorating. Having created the right conditions, you will find that green shoots will not be born at all. By avoiding the sprouting process, your garlic will always be kept fresh and good and will certainly last longer.

If you adopt these remedies and follow these tips, you will be able to keep the garlic intact , using it when necessary to prepare many tasty recipes. In addition to having an intense flavor, this ingredient also has many beneficial properties for the body, therefore, we just can’t do without it.