In spring and summer it is very likely to notice the presence of red spider mites. Let’s find out how to remove these insects from our garden and from our home. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Spider mites plant

When warm and beautiful days arrive, nature tends to awaken from the dormant state of the winter months. The plants are starting to sprout again and we are starting to glimpse many species of insects and birds on our balconies and in our gardens. In this article, we will focus in detail on a particular species of animal, namely the red spider mite .

It has an average lifespan of between 4 and 6 weeks. More than a spider, it represents a real mite . It feeds on the cytoplasm of the leaves and, in the long run, can be a danger to plants . In fact, it can cause some burns to the leaves and cause other problems.

As far as humans are concerned , however, the red spider mite is absolutely not dangerous . No problem, therefore, for our health. If we meet it on the street or if it were to be present in our garden, at home or on the balcony, we would not be in any danger.

As normal as it is, however, its presence in the living space or in the garden could annoy many. There are, however, some very valid natural remedies to keep red spiders away from our home . Are you ready to discover everything in detail? Here’s what you need to know about it.

How to keep red spider mites away: here are the tips

Even if the red spider is completely harmless to humans, removing it from inside the house or from the space in front of it is very important. As we have seen, in fact, this mite could represent a hidden threat to the perfect proliferation of our plants. Furthermore, the red spider could represent a nuisance if it were to end up in contact with our clothes .

Red spider mite

The reason is quite trivial. In fact, it significantly stains clothing and the resulting dirt is not so easy to remove. Something unpleasant, especially if the stained dress is valuable.

There are some natural remedies to keep red spider mites away as much as possible from our living space, plants and clothes. If we don’t want to kill these little living beings, but simply keep them away from us, here we offer you some truly effective natural remedies.

Here are some ingredients that may be useful for this purpose . Let’s find out the ideal procedure to remove red spider mites.

Natural methods to ward off spider mites

One of the most effective ingredients in this sense is, without a doubt, garlic . After boiling about half a liter of water in a saucepan, you can add about 20-30 grams of garlic inside. After letting this mixture cool, we will be ready to put our red spider mite removal plan into practice. As? Here are the details.

Red spider mites natural remedies

Simply water the garden or the area infested with red spiders with this solution . You will notice that these mites will move away immediately, because they cannot tolerate the presence of garlic.

In general, then, watering the plants consistently and regularly will keep red spider mites away. In fact, these little animals do not even like humidity and will move away spontaneously. However, the advice is not to overdo it with water, since in some cases stagnation can be harmful to many plants.

There is also another ingredient that will keep spider mites away. We are referring to the onion . The procedure is the same seen above with regard to garlic. After boiling the water, we insert a few pieces of onion and let the mixture cool. At this point, it will be possible to water the area where the mite is present.

These decoctions based on garlic, onion, but also rosemary are very useful for naturally removing red spiders from our living space. In the case of rosemary , a few drops of essential oil in water will be enough to create a mixture unpleasant to red spiders. All you have to do is put one of these natural remedies into practice.