In addition to being liked by everyone , cherries are one of the typical fruits of the summer.

However, very often after just three days they risk ruining.

This fruit is very delicate and to keep it for a long time we have to get to work with methods that will save us a lot of money.

Below you will find some useful tips for preserving our irresistible cherries for 3 months to a year .


Cherries, after 3 days you throw them away: Find out how to store them for 12 months

What is the best way to store cherries for a year?

To make cherries last for many, many months there is only one method to use: cherries in syrup .

This is a technique handed down from our grandmothers where you have to bring the cherries in a glass jar along with some water. We also need to pour the sugar and spices we prefer and then close the jars and leave them aside. Obviously the jars must be placed in a place away from the sun’s rays and in a cool place.

How should cherries be stored in the freezer for a long time?

Obviously the easiest method is to put the cherries in the freezer . In order not to alter the taste and keep them at their best, we can follow two different methods:

If we want to use the cherries to cook them later we can store them in the freezer after simply chopping them.

However, if we want to keep them for 2 or 3 months we can freeze them in a tray after removing the stone. Once frozen we must transfer them into a bag and store them again.

What do you need to do to vacuum-pack cherries?

There are also two options for vacuum- packing cherries . However, before proceeding you need to obtain a packaging machine .

The first method, useful if you want to make a good jam, is to vacuum-pack the pulp.

For the second method, however, you need to remove the stone from the cherries and freeze them. Then they can be used to fill desserts or decorate them.

At this point we just need to choose the method that best suits our needs.