Do you want to know how to eliminate weeds on the lawn of your home? Here are some practical and effective tips to solve the situation better and in a simple way.

Man in the garden

Those who own a garden know how annoying it can be to have to fight often with the presence of some weeds or weeds. Being able to get rid of it permanently is not easy. There are, however, effective methods to eliminate everything in a practical and fast way. Some solutions, then, will allow you to have a garden always in order much longer.

All experts advise to get rid of weeds when the soil is not dry. After a few days of rain, therefore, you can proceed to put into practice the operations of eliminating weeds in the garden. The soil will, in fact, be softer and it will be much easier to uproot the roots and remove the uncultivated grass.

Do you want to find out how to get rid of all the unwelcome weeds in the garden easily and quickly? Here are the best solutions to adopt, by means of some special tools and various natural and organic substances to be used for the lawn.

Elimination of weeds in the garden: the most effective solutions

To proceed with the elimination of weeds in the garden, it will be very important to get the right tools. In this way you will not need to call the gardener every time you need it, but you can proceed in peace independently. Caring for your garden will become a pleasant hobby.

Weeds in the garden

There are, in fact, special tools that allow you to eliminate weeds in the garden in a practical and fast way. The tools for weeding the lawn are long-handled and can be used in a completely practical way, even by those who are not experts in this field.

One of them is, without a doubt, the root weeder. It can be purchased for a few tens of euros at some specialized gardening shops and will make your life easier during your operations. This tool allows you to leverage the roots, proceeding to a quick and simple extraction of them, by means of jaws with very large teeth.

Other tools, such as the weeder and the rake, on the other hand, allow you to eliminate weeds in the areas closest to the flower beds and flowers, trees and plants to be protected. In carrying out these operations it will be essential to pay maximum attention, so as not to damage the roots of the plants to be “saved”.

A tool such as a short-handled trowel, on the other hand, will allow you to eliminate the roots along the edges in a much more practical and safe way. With long-neck tools, in fact, you will have less precision along the edges and risk creating more harm than good.

After seeing the best tools to buy and use for the perfect garden care, let’s discover an organic solution to get rid of weeds and minimize their proliferation in the future. You won’t have to use any chemicals. Here are the details.

The natural solution

One of the ideal natural “ingredients” to eliminate and kill all the weeds in your garden is, without a doubt, sugar. This product, in fact, must be spread around the base of all the weeds to be removed. To do this, however, you will need a large amount of sugar.

Sugar weed removal

Much will depend on the size of your garden and the amount of weeds that proliferate. On average, however, it will be essential to create a base about 2 cm high of sugar around the base of the weeds. Plants will die in no time.

Another ingredient that allows you to kill weeds is salt. Chemical herbicides, on the other hand, should be avoided as much as possible. In fact, in the long run they can ruin your garden and impoverish it in an important way.

If you have chosen to use herbicide, do it using some non-chemical products, but vegetable and with completely natural active ingredients. You can also get a  natural herbicide produced directly by yourself. What? Using vinegar and coarse salt. Like sugar, in fact, these ingredients will help to destroy weeds in a natural way, protecting “good” plants and, in general, your garden.