With this organic method, which is very simple to implement, you will no longer have to worry about ants in your garden.

Half a bottle

The return of the beautiful season brings with it many positive aspects but also some problems. All home owners know well that sun and heat also mean having to once again have to deal with insects that return to populate all internal environments. From May to September it is easy to find mosquitoes, flies, bees and so on and so forth in the rooms of your home. And that’s not all, because on nice days the ants also reappear , running around the house looking for food and a comfortable place for their colony. Ants can easily invade the garden as well as in the home and for this reason many act to eliminate them.

Eliminate ants with this simple biological method: effectiveness is guaranteed

To get rid of ants, many rely on the various chemical products on the market, which usually work effectively. However, given that these are chemical substances, the advice is always to rely on other solutions, namely biological ones. Just to give an example, to keep ants away from fruit trees, simply sprinkle the affected area with wood ash .


Wood ash contains a series of particularly beneficial substances, including calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these elements allows plants to grow strong and lush.

In addition to this peculiarity, the ash from the wood – which must be cold, ed. – can keep ants away if spread correctly around fruit trees. In this way we will create an insurmountable barrier for the ants, who will have no choice but to stay away.

Having done this, we can now proceed with the elimination of ants using a very effective mix. All we need is some baking soda , some icing sugar and some water.

Let’s take a plastic bottle and cut the bottom, so as to obtain a sort of container. Inside we put 5 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate and 5 teaspoons of icing sugar. These two elements together are ideal for fighting ants. Icing sugar, as is known, attracts these insects, while baking soda exterminates the anthill.

With this mix they will disappear forever

Once the teaspoons of powdered sugar and  baking soda have been added , a mixture is created by mixing well. Finally, a little water is added to obtain an even more effective mixture. The container with this solution inside should now be placed in the garden , next to the anthill. First, however, it is better to make a few small holes in the bottom of the bottle so as to facilitate the entry of the ants.


As soon as the compound has become homogeneous, you can proceed with the final step. The container with the mix is ​​placed next to the anthill to attract the ants.

The insects, within a short time, will begin to enter the bottom of the bottle, reaching the mixture and bringing it inside the anthill. In this way the mix we have created will be lethal for the queen mother.