If you want to make geraniums bloom all year round you have to follow this method. Not everyone knows it but it really works. Here’s how you need to do right away.

Flowering method geraniums

Geraniums are very nice flowers to have on the balcony. They give color and bring joy. They do not need much care. They are in fact very resistant plants. Of course, we must not forget this completely. We can already tell you that they do not need a lot of water.

Then their temperature fluctuates from 15 to 25°C. In summer they suffer because they cannot stand very high temperatures. In fact it is better to place them in a fairly shady point especially during the summer. But it all depends on the species of geraniums you have.


In fact, there are some who love the sun and others who prefer shaded areas. In any case, to have a healthy and growing plant you need to use fertilizer. Today we want to show you how to make them always bloom with this method that not everyone knows. All below, in the next paragraph.

Flowering geraniums: just a drop

As we have just said we will reveal a way to make geraniums bloom all year round so that you always have flowers on the balcony. You will need iodine. If the plant lacks this ingredient, it will be susceptible to disease and its development will be much slower. Let’s see how to integrate it.

Take 1 L of water and pour 1 drop of iodine inside. Do not overdo it with the doses and follow the following proportion. Stir well until perfectly mixed. To be sure you have not put a greater amount of iodine check the color of the water that must remain almost transparent.

Iodine solution in geraniums

In case you think you have overdone it with iodine, simply add a little more water. Now proceed by watering each geranium plant with about 50 or 100 ml of iodine solution. Be careful to respect the doses because otherwise the plant could burn directly at the root.

In fact, when you water the plant with this solution, keep the pot near the walls towards the outside. Use this iodine solution once a month. This is a little-known method that not everyone does. You can try it too and below we will also tell why it is so important for plants.

Iodine: here’s why it’s crucial for plants

We have seen how to create an iodine solution for geraniums so that they always bloom. Iodine is an important element not only for human health in fact. Also for plants it is very important. In these it is necessary for photosynthesis and for proper flowering.

Iodine will also help them produce more seeds and increase biomass. Its presence is on a par with iron and magnesium. You will then need to buy pure liquid iodine. You can find it in herbal medicine or you can try to look for it online. You just have to prepare this solution for your plant.