Here’s how to make geraniums bloom with this method that you probably did not know and that is very effective.

Pruning geraniums

We reveal an incredible method, used by many gardeners, that allows you to grow your geraniums in a really simple and fast way.

How to care for your plants

There are many people who complain about not being able to grow their plants properly. You should know that, in order for your plants to grow, you must absolutely choose the most suitable soil. There are different types on the market. There are absolutely organic ones and also those whose compost accelerates the growth of your plants.

And then again it is essential to place your plants in the best place of your balcony or your garden. Prefer an area that is ventilated and at the same time where the sun’s rays do not reach directly. You have to choose an area where the sun can surely reach, but where it does not penetrate directly into the leaves of the plant.

The soil for plants

The choice of water for watering is also fundamental, which can be enriched so that it is more nutritious. Very important is also the pruning process, which must be completed whenever you notice that there are dead spots or buckets.

Remove the dry leaves and prune all those parts of the plant that are rotten, rotting and simply duller than normal. Do not overdo pruning or you may end up with a much smaller plant than the one that had developed previously.

If you have geraniums and do not know how to best grow them, here is that below we reveal how you can treat them. With this trick they will become tall and lush.

How to make geraniums bloom

If you have owned for a long time or have just bought geraniums and do not know how to make them bloom at their best, here today we reveal some tricks. We are sure that they will help you, because many gardeners who love their plants and who do this by trade have revealed them.

First of all, you should know that it is essential to properly irrigate your plants. Geranium, in particular, would be a great lover of water. Precisely for this reason, it loves to be watered at least 4 or even 5 times a week.

Of course, you should not exceed the amount of water you pour, because you must give your plant time to absorb all the nutrients without drowning. Therefore, avoid causing the mud effect, which does nothing but allow the proliferation of bacteria and other fungal diseases.

How to make geraniums bloom

You can also make a particular type of water, very useful for this type of plant. You simply have to use a banana: cut it and immerse it in water. Let it rest soaking for 2 days. Then strain the water and water your plant with this liquid. You can also break up 4 or 5 small banana peels inside the water.

You will soon realize how your geranium can take many more vitamins than usual and therefore begins to grow luxuriantly.