Geraniums, don’t water them like this: you’ll make them rot! Discover the gardeners trick for a super flowering!

The summer flowering of geraniums decorates squares, balconies , walks, gardens, etc… but to be so luxuriant they require attention and the fundamental thing to always have them splendid and flowering is to water them at the right time. Their colors are for the most part lively , one-color or two-color, but always beautiful. It is therefore necessary to know how to treat this type of plant that revives our summers.

How much light do geraniums need?

Geranium is a plant that needs a lot of light , but you must pay attention in summer to the central hours of the day which can cause dehydration problems. The ideal place would be a semi-shaded place.

How should geraniums be watered?

This plant needs a lot of water , but you shouldn’t overdo it. To be sure that the soil is dry, you simply need to use your finger. Dig a little into the soil if it is dry even entering the pot, proceed with watering. Avoid stagnating water by leaving it in the saucer , it could cause the roots to rot.

What fertilizer to use for geraniums?

On the market you can choose whether to use liquid or solid fertilizers . The best time to fertilize them is spring, but you can also do it in summer once a month. You can also choose between organic fertilizers, such as humus or manure , mixing them with the ground or chemical ones on sale in specialized shops and sometimes even in the supermarket. In this case, carefully read the methods of administration.

When to prune geraniums!

Pruning of geraniums is generally carried out in autumn , eliminating the thinner branches at the base and leaving the robust ones. But in summer it is necessary to do some small pruning when there are faded flowers which must be removed starting from the node where their stem arises. Even dry leaves should be removed if they are there.

How to make geraniums bloom again?

In order to flower, geraniums must have many hours of light , so if you have a bright place to put them, you will see that they will always be beautiful, lush and flowering. This plant survives for up to 40 years in the best conditions. If, however, your geraniums do not flower, they probably do not have enough hours of light, or too much fertilizer has been used or there may be parasites that have attacked them.