The geranium plants are on many balconies and in the courtyards during the summer and with their wonderful colors, they cheer up the atmosphere and unequivocally mark the beginning of the summer. But not everyone knows the great properties of this plant and its flowers, which are also useful for our health in many respects.


Geranium, the twig trick and multiply it infinitely at 0 cost

Geranium therefore brings health benefits , here are some examples listed:

  • manages to reduce anxiety and stress
  • counteracts fluid retention
  • it is useful for combating muscle pain and circulatory problems
  • performs a great healing action
  • very useful against eczema and stretch marks
  • It has an emollient and decongestant function, which is why it is used against sunburn
  • it is useful in fighting acne

If you want to surround yourself with this wonderful plant, know that you can create it infinitely with the twig trick. What is it about? Well, in order to have many geranium plants it is necessary to take part of an existing one and create cuttings . Get some jars and the material indicated below:

  • a mature geranium
  • small plastic pots
  • sand
  • knife or scissors
  • seedbed substrate
  • rooting hormone (optional)

At this point it is necessary to choose the twigs that will soon give life to the new geranium plants. Choose the thickest and most healthy ones, cutting the chosen branch under the second armpit. Then, observing it carefully, remove all the leaves that are from the lower half of the cut and finally cut the stem below the first node .


This precaution when cutting the cutting is important as the rooting hormones of the geranium are concentrated in this point.

If you want, you can also add rooting powder to the base of the cutting before planting the sprig, to give more chance for the formation of a robust rooting system.


The choice of soil for planting the cutting is also very important. It must be composed of a mixture of seedling substrate with sand.


Put the mixture in the pot and insert two or three cuttings , water abundantly and place it in a bright place. Do not cover the cuttings with plastic, they risk forming dangerous mold.


A few weeks later you will find the first roots and in about 6-8 weeks a rooting system will have formed so robust as to allow the transplanting of the cuttings into another pot with normal soil.