Here are some simple tips on how to always have fresh garlic available to use to flavor our dishes and beyond.


Italian gastronomy is famous throughout the world because it is full of tasty recipes made from fresh, excellent quality ingredients . All our preparations are characterized not only by the raw materials we use to make them, but also by the spices and condiments . The latter, in fact, attribute taste, flavor and uniqueness to all our dishes.

Among the things that can never be missing in the kitchen there is, without a doubt, garlic which , in addition to being indispensable for the creation of some of our dishes, also has various beneficial properties for our body. This ingredient, in fact, is considered a real natural antibiotic thanks to the presence of allicin. Furthermore, it is able to strengthen the immune system, and contains several minerals, including zinc; manganese; iodine; the iron; magnesium and many others.

We can safely say, therefore, that garlic is among the most versatile products of all, ideal both for use as a condiment in the kitchen and for our personal well-being. For this reason, it would be a good and right thing to be able to grow it at home . It’s possible? Here, in this regard, is everything you need to know.

How to grow garlic in the garden

If you live in the open countryside or, alternatively, you own a piece of land near your home, it is possible to recreate a small garlic plantation. In this way we will always have it at hand.


When you decide to plant garlic, you must first pay attention to the time of year in which you decide to do it. The ideal season is autumn , so that you can proceed with the harvest during the summer.

It is also good practice to buy garlic to plant in shops specializing in the sale of plants; always insert them into the ground with the tip facing upwards and water the sprouts regularly, but without exaggerating with the quantity of water, throughout the year.

Recreating a plantation inside your home

If, however, you want to plant garlic despite the absence of a garden, you can also do it indoors. The only things we need are a container (a jar of yogurt or margarine is enough); some soil and, obviously, some garlic cloves.

Home planting

First, make holes in the bottom of the container we have available, place it on a saucer and pour less than two centimeters (about half an inch) of soil inside. After that, you can proceed with inserting whole garlic cloves into the soil, always facing with the tip upwards and without removing the skin. At this point, all we have to do is add more soil, this time about two and a half centimeters.

Once this process has been completed, we will have to take care of our small garlic plantation regularly. It is necessary to place it in a sunny spot in the house , water it, and cut the flowers that form from time to time. This will help preserve all the flavor of the garlic.

When, over time, we begin to notice the presence of leaves, it will mean that the growth of the plant is proceeding correctly and that, starting from the following summer, we will be able to benefit from the fruit of our labor.