Fresh and healthy basil for a whole year: here’s what to do to get this result. The secret that you should all know without distinction. Precise indications and valuable advice.

Healthy basil

Lovers of growing plants of various kinds often prefer to dedicate themselves to home care related to basil. But not everyone knows how to always have it fresh. Do you have basil at home and would you like to have valid indications concerning the secret to making it grow strong and fresh for the whole year? Then read on to find out. You will surely discover some good ones.

Fresh and healthy basil: the importance and functions of basil

All of you will surely have heard of basil several times . It is exactly a plant that certainly has versatility among its advantages. Not to mention the fact that it is an ideal plant for flavoring your recipes .

Basil plant

It is also important to underline that basil is enriched by the presence of potassium , which is very useful for regulating the amount of liquids present in our body.

Basil is also very effective for those who need proper digestive function , considering that it has excellent digestive properties.

Among the many properties of basil, we also find those of an inflammatory nature , given that it manages to alleviate both colds and skin-related diseases. An important aspect is that the basil plant counteracts the problems caused by arthritis . This aromatic plant, in fact, allows you to effectively mitigate the pains caused by this pathology of the joints.

Basil efficiently counteracts states caused by anxiety and nervousness .

From all this we understand perfectly the importance of this plant. This is why it is essential to grow it in the best way at home, so that you can enjoy the benefits deriving from its use whenever you want and at any time of the year.

Basil is a spice considered very therapeutic for, for example, aiding sleep and effectively combating headaches .

Furthermore, basil can counteract anemia , avoiding iron deficiencies and helping oxygen to circulate well in the bloodstream.

The advantages of this plant also involve the cardiovascular system , considering that it is an excellent source of magnesium, useful for relaxing muscles and blood vessels.

Finally, it efficiently reduces the risk of a possible heartbeat irregularity.

Fresh and healthy basil: the secret to growing basil all year round

Taking into account what has been previously reported, you should always keep one of these aromatic plants with multiple properties on hand. A much loved plant in Italy.

First of all, it is one of the most renowned plants of this genus and used by many Italian families.

In order to benefit from it at any time of the year, it is essential to cultivate basil in the most correct way .


The cultivation of this plant is very easy, even for those less experienced in the sector.

The important thing is to follow all the advice given below, to obtain a vigorous and fresh basil plant 365 days a year .

The first step to keep in mind is that basil must be sown in spring. To be precise, it is suggested to sow between the months of May and June .

In addition, there are certain elements that are essential and that must be performed to allow basil to grow healthy and strengthened.

So now we will see how to best cultivate a basil plant , as well as knowing where to place it, to prevent it from withering during the winter season.

When should basil be watered?

The first step to be respected is to place the basil in a bright spot in the house, since it needs a lot of light.

Furthermore, the temperature must be warm, while the soil must be permanently moist.

To achieve this it is therefore essential to water the aromatic plant every day , especially in those hotter months such as the summer period.

However, when the climate is harsher, the best advice to follow is to keep basil inside your home .

Basil at home

Possibly next to a window sill.

Another step that is suggested not to be done is not to remove the leaves individually .

In fact it is preferable to detach an entire sprig, to make the plant even stronger.

Consider that the smell of basil is also very useful for keeping annoying mosquitoes away during the summer, as well as other types of insects that do not tolerate the aroma of basil.

How to make the basil plant grow luxuriantly

As you have seen through all the explanations of the functionality of basil, there are many reasons for  choosing to grow this aromatic plant at home.

The important aspect is that you must have a lot of patience in order to achieve optimal results regarding the cultivation of basil.

Fresh and healthy basil

In fact, every kind of plant needs proper care to grow well , as well as receiving such attention as to allow the complete development of this plant.

In fact, in this article we have tried to do this, that is, to give important indications in order to best cultivate this plant. As mentioned, there are specific steps that must be respected if you want to obtain a good long-lasting result.

That is, don’t forget to place the basil in a bright area of ​​your home, since light is necessary. The present temperature is also important and must be lukewarm while the soil is moistened.

Among other things it was said that you need to water your plant every day, especially in summer . Among other tips, we have underlined the fact of avoiding removing the leaves individually, since it is preferable to take whole sprigs.

Any advice given is useful and will be useful to make your plant stronger, which needs care, patience and many precautions . But it will be really worth it and to understand it, just refer to all the benefits that basil has.