Do you want to have orchids that are always healthy and very lush? All you have to do is follow the advice we provide in this article.

Move for lush orchids

Orchids are very common plants The care of this plant is really very simple and there are many people who choose to have at least one in their apartment. In fact, it thrives at home and away from direct exposure to the sun’s rays .

The ideal positioning of the orchid in the house does not exist, but it is very important to keep it away from heat sources – radiators above all – and place it in a fairly bright area . Therefore, near the windows, it could be an area suitable for the impeccable growth of the orchid, provided that direct sunlight does not enter the interior.

The ideal temperature for perfect maintenance of the orchid is between 18° and 22° . With the exception of the very hot months, it could be the temperature we always have inside our homes. In the sultry months, it will be important to choose a cooler area, even if there must never be a lack of light.

To be sure that the sun does not kiss this plant directly, it will also be advisable to place the orchid in a corner of the house to the south-west or south-east .

With this premise on the best place and temperature to grow your orchid, we come to some excellent tricks to make it always luxuriant and healthy . Here’s everything you need to know about it.

If you make these moves, then your orchid will always be healthy

Excessive heat could cause the roots to dry out irremediably . For this reason, therefore, it is essential to keep the orchid away from too important heat sources, such as the sun’s rays or a heat pump inside the house.


Orchids are really very beautiful flowers, but to have flawless flowering it will be very important to keep in mind some tips and tricks. Orchids do not like outdoor places. That’s why they are considered perfect houseplants . As mentioned, they do not like living in too cold a temperature. Below 15°, in fact, they already start to suffer.

The same thing in case of too high temperature. The temperature of our homes, provided that it is well air-conditioned, therefore represents the ideal place for the optimal maintenance of an orchid.

The flowering of an orchid occurs when temperatures rise. Indicatively, therefore, in spring you could see the flowers come out . To make it flourish luxuriantly, however, it will be important to follow some targeted precautions. One of these will be to provide the plant with plenty of humidity . However, it suffers from water stagnation. The soil, therefore, must drain well and must be composed of pine bark .

Especially in the cold months, the orchid does not need much water. Therefore, it will be enough to water it once every 7-10 days. In the hot months, however, it will need to be watered more often. Furthermore, this plant cannot be watered like all the others. In fact, you will have to immerse the vase in a sink and leave the pine bark wet for a few minutes . It must be soaked in water effectively.

Let’s discover the other tricks to ensure  excellent flowering for your orchid . Here are the further details about it.

Lush orchids? Here’s how you should proceed

Fertilizing your orchid constantly and frequently will certainly be an excellent way to ensure excellent and lush flowering. In fact, to have lush orchids, it is necessary to make use of some specific nutritional elements, such as potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

Lush orchids

Pine bark is, as already mentioned, very suitable for ensuring the passage of air to the roots. A fertilizer in a liquid formulation , then, could guarantee good results, especially in the spring period.

Those who have time on their hands and an enviable green thumb will also be able to make a specific move to ensure maximum health for their orchid. They are, as mentioned, plants that adapt perfectly to the internal environment. In some cases, however, they may prefer a change in temperature during the same day .

Placing your orchid in various different points of our home , provided that the sun never touches it, we could consider it a valid situation to give it even more strength and vigor.