Many people have a passion for Ficus Bonsai. They are miniature trees and growing them is a real art that was born in China but evolved in Japan. But do you know where and how they should be positioned? In this way they will live forever: let’s find out how. 

Ficus bonsai

It’s impossible not to love bonsai, but taking care of these magnificent plants is a truly difficult task. They are found in almost every home and now that Christmas is coming, they are given as gifts more frequently. The most common Bonsai species is undoubtedly the Ficus Bonsai . Thanks to their beauty they make the environment more particular and also more relaxing. Without a doubt, taking care of these little trees is a very difficult task, but do you know where they like to live? You’ll never believe it: let’s find out more.

Ficus bonsai: everything you need to know

The Ficus Bonsai is a very particular plant that we often see in offices or apartments. Their particularity makes the environment pleasant, relaxing and truly welcoming. But if you believe that they are happy everywhere, you are wrong, because they too have very specific needs .

For example, you need to keep it away from very hot areas, for example you should never bring the Ficus bonsai close to radiators, fireplaces or near stoves. The heat could damage it, so be very careful especially in winter.

Ficus bonsai

Also, humidity is very important because it helps him breathe. As you well know, it is advisable to thin out your hair every now and then, so that it will always look healthier and more splendid.

However, keeping them in perfect health is not so easy, since you have to be careful where to place them. But did you know that there is a place inside your apartment or office that Ficus bonsai adore? You will never believe it, but it is an unsuspected area : let’s find out more.

Ficus bonsai, where to put them? The place no one ever expected

The Ficus Bonsai is a very particular plant, in fact, some precautions must be taken into account to keep it in perfect health. To do this, you need to place it in the right area. But which? It is undoubtedly the windowsill. It’s a bright, shiny place.

Ficus bonsai

However, even in this case always be careful, because the sunlight could be too strong and could make the leaves dull and lose their special color. But that’s not all, because the best position would be the one to the east, given that the sun’s rays would arrive directly on the plant in the morning.

The windowsill is certainly the most suitable choice for our bonsai, but make sure there are no drafts , because they could stress it and therefore make the leaves of the plant fall. Before purchasing this mini tree it is good to know all these small indications, necessary for its well-being.