How to have long-lasting and explosive flowering in no time? With this natural fertilizer you will solve all your problems. Here’s what you need.

explosive flowering with fertilizer

Start throwing away all the chemical or artificial fertilizers you have at home! With the method we will explain to you, you will have long-lasting and extraordinary flowering . Here’s how you need to proceed to get excellent results.

Because flowering is not always guaranteed

As much as we may love and treat our plants , our little green jewels, with care, it does not mean that they will give us the extraordinary spectacle of flowering . For what reason?


There are many causes that can block this natural process but it often does not occur. The first factor to take into account is irrigation . Contrary to what one might believe, plants or flowers do not always need to be watered.

Start learning about the soil, study its properties and its organoleptic characteristics: you will understand that it is not always necessary to water it . For example, if it feels moist to the touch, it means that your plant is fine and does not need additional water.

On the contrary, if it feels dry or too stringy to the touch, it means that your little green gem needs to drink. Also be careful of sunlight . Although the sun’s rays help the plant to grow healthy, strong and robust , they can actually also have the opposite effect and that is burn leaves and roots.

So place your little piece of green lung in an environment suitable to encourage its growth . However, if you have already implemented these techniques but flowering is slow in arriving , you will necessarily have to resort to a fertilizer.

But forget the chemical or artificial ones. With the technique we are about to reveal to you, you will be able to create a natural fertilizer that will guarantee explosive and long-lasting flowering.

The natural fertilizer with extraordinary effects

Start throwing away all the chemical and artificial fertilizers you have. With the technique we are about to reveal to you, you will be able to make a natural fertilizer yourself , with just three ingredients.


Ready to find out how to proceed? So let’s get started right away. The first ingredient you will need is bananas ! As you well know, these fruits are rich in potassium and also other mineral salts which will promote the flowering of your plants thanks to its natural components.

Start peeling this fruit and place the peels in a bag which you will then put in the freezer. Leave them in the cold for three hours, then take them out of the freezer and start cutting them into small pieces using a small cutting board and a sharp-tipped knife.

Then put them in a pan that you will later bring to the boil. Meanwhile, get yourself a potato and start peeling it. This vegetable is also rich in potassium but also in starch which represents an energizer for our plants . The procedure to carry out is the same as for banana peels: therefore, obtain the potato peels and place them in a refrigerator bag and freeze everything.

After three hours, take them out of the freezer and start cutting them into small pieces. Obviously, you will add them to the banana peels , in the same saucepan into which you will pour 600 ml of water. Let the pan remain on the heat until it boils and therefore for at least 15 minutes . Cover everything with a thermal lid.

After this period of time, filter the liquid into a glass using a strainer and keep it aside. Let’s now add our third ingredient, sugar or alternatively honey , into our previously made liquid.

Pour two tablespoons of white sugar or a generous spoonful of honey and mix everything. Et voilà, our natural fertilizer is ready . Now all you have to do is water your plants.

You will see that with this system, within a few weeks, your plants will start to produce many colorful and splendid flowers . Be careful though, this fertilizer should not be used daily but once every 20 days .

Then store it in a dry and cool place, away from direct heat sources . You will therefore see that with this technique your plants will thank you : in no time at all, you too will witness the flowering process which is an absolutely extraordinary spectacle.

You can therefore prepare to say goodbye to chemical or artificial fertilizers . With just three and very natural ingredients, you can create a home remedy capable of guaranteeing long-lasting and explosive but above all very rapid flowering .

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