Did you just use some eggs to make your lunch? Don’t throw away the shells: you can cleverly reuse them in the garden this way.

Egg shells

In less than 10 days it will be spring , and with its arrival, even our balconies and gardens will begin to be populated with colorful flowers and plants . A way to make the house more elegant and cheerful, but which needs good maintenance to last especially in the summer months, when high temperatures risk damaging shrubs and plants, in fact. For this reason, special fertilizers and gardening products are used .

In reality, as often happens, it is natural products that come to our rescue the most, even in this case: it is not necessarily necessary to buy expensive sprays and solutions , especially since we have what we need even in our food scraps. This is the case with egg shells , which we usually hasten to throw in the trash as soon as we use the yolk and albumen. Well, we’d better not get rid of them so easily!

Don’t get rid of the eggshells – you’ll need them in the garden

What not everyone knows is that the shells are excellent for fertilizing the greenery of our garden, and can be used in different situations. It is therefore better to keep them aside, after we have used the eggs to cook the dishes, and use them in these ways. The result will literally leave us speechless.

garden egg shells

Sometimes you have to deal with plants that tend to have stagnant water: by placing broken shells in the soil, this will improve drainage . But that’s not all, since half a shell can also be used to accelerate the growth of sprouts: filled with soil and seed, the calcium in its walls will enrich the soil, encouraging sprouting . Then you can bury everything in the chosen area.

garden egg shells

By then scattering small pieces in the garden soil, the qualities of the shells will be released to the vegetables , promoting healthy and fast growth. And if we have to deal with the frequent visits of feline friends who choose our land to deposit their physiological needs, their fragments scattered near the fruit and vegetables will be rather unpleasant to their delicate paws, and they will keep away from them, acting as a deterrent . Better think twice before throwing it away!

garden egg shells