If you want to make any weed disappear from your terrace or garden you have to prepare this herbicide. It is easy to prepare and takes effect in a snap. Here’s what you need.

Floor with weeds

Weeds are very common and often creep into the cracks of the tiles of stairs or driveways. They are not pleasant though. Not only in the garden but in every point they find open. They give an idea of neglected to the environment but you do not even have time to tear them that grow back.

Using chemical herbicides, however, is not the ideal choice as they are usually composed of harmful and toxic substances for humans and animals. That is precisely why we need to find a solution, and that is precisely why we are here. We will show you how to make a natural herbicide.

Here's how to eliminate weeds

Using natural products is always the right choice because you are going to kill unwanted plants without killing insects or other animals and especially if you have pets there is no danger. Below, in the next paragraph, we will show you how to make this natural herbicide.

Here’s how to make this herbicide for plants

As we have said we will show you how to make a natural herbicide to avoid buying a chemical one that in addition to being very expensive can be harmful to health. There are several natural alternatives and much cheaper and more powerful than those found on the market. We will remove weeds with white vinegar.

White vinegar is great to use as a herbicide as it is non-toxic and is at the same time very effective against weeds. Doing it is really simple and most likely you will not have to buy anything because you find these products that we are going to indicate already in your kitchen.

White vinegar herbicide

Here’s what you need: 1 L of white vinegar, 33 gr of salt, liquid dishwashing detergent and 1 empty spray bottle. First take the spray bottle and pour the salt into it. Then add the white vinegar and finally make a splash of dishwashing liquid. At this point shake well.

Now you can proceed by spraying this solution on weeds. It is recommended to do this in the morning and on a hot day so that the product acts better. But be careful to spray it where there are plants with flowers or plants that you do not want to eliminate. If you accidentally put it there you will burn those plants too.

Alternative to vinegar

The vinegar herbicide is very useful and effective but as we were saying it is very powerful and if the weeds are close to other plants that you do not want to eliminate it is risky to use it. This is recommended to use especially on driveways or on the crevices of the stairs where there are no other plants.

Baking soda on weeds

Alternatively, however, you can make a lighter but always natural herbicide. Make one based on baking soda for  lawn weeds. In this case it is enough to sprinkle the weeds with baking soda powder. Then aim for the weed and when it is then wilted remove the root.