There is an ingredient you have at home that is useful to ward off pests, to eliminate weeds and to wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them. Here’s what it is.

Ingredient to ward off parasites

With the onset of heat there are more insects and pests that lurk in plants or in the most hidden corners of the house. But that’s not the only problem because weeds also start to grow faster. Precisely for this reason we want to show you an ingredient you have at home that can save you. Also to disinfect fruits and vegetables.

Eliminate weeds

Pests, weeds and disinfected for fruit: this is what it is

As we have said there is a natural product, which surely you already have at home, which is very useful and can serve you for these things that we have listed to you. We are talking about baking soda. It is known that this natural ingredient has different purposes in the home and for this reason it should never be missing.

Maybe you didn’t know it but it has a very important role for garden plants and not only. In fact, it protects them from possible diseases and can be used instead of some chemicals for spraying. In fact, this is certainly a more natural and consequently safer solution.

Baking soda

Treatment with baking soda is especially recommended to prevent fungal diseases in plants. In this way the plant grows well and blooms just as well. This treatment is also ideal for fruit and vegetable plants as they are further protected.

Then baking soda also serves as protection against pests. In small doses, it can also be a supplement for plants that prefer alkaline soil. Be careful with the doses used, however, because it can be harmful if the dosage is not correct. For example, if used in larger doses it can destroy weeds.

Baking soda in plants

If not used correctly then baking soda can be very harmful to plants. So be very careful if you want to use baking soda in this way. Among other ways, however, as we said, it is excellent for disinfecting fruit and eliminating the pesticides used.

So if you intend to start using baking soda below we are going to show you what are the correct doses for conscious use. This way you will not ruin your plants. You just have to keep reading in the next paragraph all the details.

Bicarbonate: the doses to be used

The recommended doses are 10 grams of baking soda on 1 L of water. The amount then varies from how many plants you need to treat but in any case,  just follow the initial dose and multiply it. However, this must be sprayed in a very widespread way. Also pay attention to when you decide to do it because this is also important.

In fact, temperatures should never be higher than 35 ° C because there could be a phytotoxic effect on plants. It is therefore better to choose a cool day and do it in the hours of sunset. Now let’s see what doses you need to use to go to eliminate weeds.

Disinfect fruits and vegetables

To eliminate weeds instead it is simpler and you can use baking soda by replacing it with toxic chemical substances. It is enough to water the weed and cover it abundantly with baking soda. It will completely destroy the plant that was growing and so be careful not to do it with the plants that you want to remain.

To wash fruits and vegetables instead is simpler. Just take a bowl and insert a tablespoon or two inside 1 L of water. Melt well and then soak the fruit and vegetables for about 15 minutes before rinsing with water. Now you know how to use baking soda.