Each plant needs only one teaspoon: thanks to this you will see your plants bloom and in an unexpected way. Therefore, follow the indications that will be given to you during this article and the results will not be long in coming.

Teaspoon in the plant

How many times have you planted flowers at home but not seen results? In short, it often happens that, while following everything to the letter, the plant does not bloom and therefore remains without flowers. There is a solution to this, however, and it is a natural method. We will talk about this in the following article.

Fertilizer to make at home

As mentioned earlier, many times it happens to plant flowers but not to see results or in any case to see them, but not to the extent that was expected at the beginning.


All this is often normal, in fact it happens that plants do not bloom at all. The thing that often does not help is that this is not directly proportional to what we do: it can happen to follow all the steps provided, to dedicate oneself to the plant, but not to see results anyway.

How come? Often what the plant needs is also fertilizer. Below we will talk about a compound, to be made at home, which acts as a fertilizer and that will allow you to see more and more flowers even in your garden. It is a natural but very effective remedy.

This is true to the extent that plants need something extra to flower optimally and healthily. The fertilizer, in this sense, has the function of making your plants strong and lush. Such compounds can be purchased conveniently in plant stores, but they can also be made at home with a few simple steps.

Like that of fertilizer for orchids. It can be made at home with some ingredients and will allow you to get orchid plants more and more lush and full of flowers.

How it is possible to make it at home: the process and its phases

At this point you may be wondering how it can be achieved, What is needed?

The process is not complicated. An important element that must not be missing is certainly garlic which must therefore be dried and dried; Then you have to grind it until it becomes a powder.


When you have obtained this garlic powder, you will have to prepare the fertilizer; Just mix a teaspoon of garlic with a liter of boiling water and then wait for the water to cool. Once the water is cold, you will have to filter the water with the help of a strainer so as to have a liquid without the underlying foam.

At this point you will have a liquid with which you can clean all the leaves of your plant. Just dip a little cotton in the liquid so you can use it to clean the leaves both at the top and bottom. At this point you will be thinking or rather, you will be wondering how often to implement this practice.

You will have to follow this step almost every day so as to have evergreen and bright leaves, as well as healthy.

Each plant needs only one teaspoon: why is this fertilizer effective?

Once you have done this procedure you may still come to wonder: “how come this compound acts as fertilizer?”

The answer is simple. The liquid acts optimally because it has garlic inside that allows you to keep away insects such as red spiders, aphids and also drive away the fungi that the plant could present.


In short, just use it as fertilizer, for example also helping you with a spray, and in this way you can be sure that your orchid will never present fungi.

In addition, you can also irrigate the base of your plant with five tablespoons of this fertilizer; You will be able to see changes in a matter of weeks.

In short, as you can see yourself, it is an easy fertilizer to obtain and its effectiveness will allow you to have excellent results, your plants will finally be healthy and lush, as never before. It is worth trying and seeing with your own eyes these results that you will surely want to replicate.