If your plant is dry and yellowed, don’t throw it away and try to revive it this way. You can bring it back to life with these simple steps, here’s how.

dry plant

Often when you are on holiday it can happen that plants dry out mainly due to lack of water . Sometimes neighbors or friends are asked to look after them, but plants can die if they forget. Or even devise alternative methods for watering, perhaps not previously tested, which then cause the plants to die.

If your plant appears dry and yellowed it does not mean it is already dead . In fact, below we will show you how to check whether your plant is still alive or not and consequently decide whether to treat it or not. Knowing before starting a treatment whether the plant is alive or not allows us to save time and money.

dry and yellowed plant

Below you will find all the steps to follow to do what we have just told you. We will therefore understand if a plant is dead or still alive and how to intervene in the latter case . It’s not difficult, just follow what we’ll show you in the next paragraph. Then continue for more details.

The solution for a dry and yellowing plant: try it

As we said, if you have a dry and yellowed plant it does not mean that it is dead. We certainly don’t guarantee miracles but you can try to make your plant live again before throwing it away . If your plant is therefore in very poor condition, the first thing to do is to understand whether it is still alive or dead.

To verify that your dried and yellowed plant is still alive you need to do an emergency moisturizing . What is it about? Take a vase and pour a little water inside and a little ecological liquid fertilizer that you think is the best among those you have. Or ask your trusted florist.

how to revitalize a dry and yellowed plant

Mix the fertilizer with water well and then insert the pot with the dry plant inside . Leave it like this for about an hour and then move the plant to a shady place away from the sun. After a couple of hours, check the plant and if you see the branches starting to turn green, it means that the plant is not dead .

If there is still hope we can move on to the next step. Continue hydrating it for about another 6 weeks and then go ahead and cut your plant. You must eliminate all the parts that are yellow and dry that block the correct recovery of the plant . Then proceed with scissors.

take care of plants

Only the healthy part of the plant should remain and therefore only the branches and green leaves. You need to remove all the burnt parts. Once this is done you will need to continue hydrating the plant with water and fertilizer as before . It’s okay to do this about once a week for an hour.

As time passes, the plant will begin to recover and return to being as healthy as before. However, if you notice that the branches of the plant continue to be brown after the first emergency hydration, do not proceed because it is most likely dead and you will only be wasting time. Invest time and fertilizer in plants that have a chance of regrowing.