To ensure that the dry plant recovers the lost vigor, it is enough to rely on this remedy: everything there is to know.

Dry plant remedies

Many people love to grow plants in the garden and inside the house, given that the green friends enhance the interior and exterior of the home, giving color, brightness and an intoxicating scent. Especially in the spring and summer months, nature returns to dominate the scene, giving us a truly exciting show. However, in order to enjoy the wonder of plants it is necessary to look after them carefully , always guaranteeing the right nutritional intake. Some plants, for example, need to be watered a lot, while for others watering too frequently could be counterproductive.

Dry plant, with this solution you can recover it quickly: here’s how to do it

Likewise, some plants need a certain amount of sunlight , while others have little need for it. To put it simply, regardless of the plant we decide to grow at home or in the garden, we must absolutely look after its health, taking care of it in the best possible way.

Dry plant

Otherwise, the risk is to see the plant in increasingly worse conditions. To prevent our green friend from starting to dry out beyond repair, it is necessary to act immediately.

Plants can dry up to the point of dying due to a series of critical issues, first and foremost aggression by parasites . Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that allow our plant to recover the lost vigor.

When we return home and realize that our plant is drying out, we must first proceed by eliminating all the dry areas . The foliage, for example, but also the now dry branches and stems.

The next step is to remove the plant from the pot , possibly with the help of a small shovel or spoon. The most important thing when loosening the soil is not to damage the roots.

Once the extraction has been completed, it is advisable to widen the roots themselves , so as to allow the water to penetrate more easily.

Why take the plant out of the pot? The reason is easy to say: our green friend needs water . We can place it in a container that we will fill with warm water, leaving everything to rest for about a quarter of an hour.

After this time, we move everything to another container. This time, however, we need a dry container, so as to allow the plant to expel excess water.

Once this step has been completed, we can put the plant back in a new pot, always taking care to handle the roots with great care. The last step is to spray some water on the leaves . Within a few days we will see the plant decidedly reinvigorated, with a more pronounced stem and live leaves.

Plant with too much water? With this remedy you will solve everything

However, if our plant has too much water it will begin to show some changes. An unpleasant smell , for example, but also a brownish color which is not a good sign.

Water the plant

Also in this case we are going to remove the plant from the pot, always with great attention, and we remove all the roots which by now appear in precarious conditions . We also do the same with the leaves.

Once this is done, we can place the plant in the new pot, making sure it has excellent drainage . All that remains is to water with care: in the first few days it can also be irrigated with the infusion of chamomile, which has an important antifungal action.