Why waste it when you can reuse it? Here is the gardeners’ new method for plants on the balcony and in the garden.

ingredient in the plant

Reusing is always good advice, especially in a historical period like this one. Waste is not good for the environment and there are ingredients that can have multiple functions and uses. This is the case of an ingredient , or rather the seed of an excellent product, which experts use as a fertilizer and nutrient for plants. Its properties are recognized in every part of the world: these are the reasons for using it and also the method for plants on the balcony and in the garden.

Nutrient and fertilizer for plants on the balcony and in the garden

There are nutrients and fertilizers for plants on the balcony and in the garden that can be used without wasting anything. It is in fact normal to eat an excellent avocado and then throw the seed away in the waste bin. In reality, this kernel is an active concentration of properties and benefits that can heal and nourish all plants.

method for balcony plants

How to use it best? Professional gardeners recommend storing the hazelnut, washing it well under water and then drying it. Once done you can blend it directly or grate it manually.

In any case , a mixture rich in mineral salts and vitamins is available , excellent for plants on the balcony and also those in the garden. Now we proceed by mixing this mixture directly with the ground. Alternatively, you can dilute it with water, leave to macerate overnight and then filter the contents to obtain an even more powerful substance.

In addition, to make it more effective, you can use banana peels and even onions.

Properties of avocado seed

The avocado seed should never be thrown away, in fact in most cases gardeners save it as active nourishment for the plants. Usually the avocado pulp is used, while the seed is preserved for its many environmental benefits .

avocado pit

The large seed found in the center of the fruit has a rich content of fatty acids, phytosterols and essential amino acids. To grate it quickly, just remove the protective film around it and then let it dry . The grated avocato seed becomes a fertilizer for plants rich in vitamins and mineral salts essential for the good of the plants.

It is not easy to find this excellent fruit on the market, used not only in cooking but also in the wellness sector. When you buy it from an expert greengrocer , always ask that it is ripe so that you can have an excellent ingredient and also an excellent fertilizer for the garden and for the plants on the balcony.

Before throwing away natural ingredients, in general, always ask trusted gardeners for advice so that they can evaluate the alternative uses that can be made.