Some food waste is very useful for plant growth and for having lush flowers. Here are the ones in particular.


In our homes, we always need some piece of furniture that cheers us up and that contrasts with the furniture or that fits perfectly with the style we have chosen to furnish our home.

For this reason, we decide to place various types of plants and flowers in the living room, in the kitchen or in the room we prefer to make everything more lively and welcoming.

Plants: here is the ingredient that makes them grow robustly

These plants are useful not only from a decorative point of view, as is often thought, but also for having healthier and healthier air as thanks to chlorophyll photosynthesis we have an exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide .

But some plants, particularly succulent ones, tend to absorb all the condensation that can be created in a humid environment and therefore help prevent the presence of mold on furniture and walls.

Furthermore, plants are essential for the maintenance of the ecosystem as they can be a safe refuge for insects, in this case pollinators which can find drops of dew and pollen to transport.

Plants: the ingredient to make them grow strong and robust

This is useful for the health of the planet, as these insects tend to suck the nectar away from flowers and therefore although many of us tend to chase them away from our homes, we must keep in mind that without some of them, our planet would have vanished time ago.

Therefore, having plants and flowers at home near the windows or on our balconies will help these insects live for a long time and ensure that they can carry out their operation without problems.

The nurserymen’s secret

But many times, the plants we have at home cannot live long, due to the fact that some of us do not have a green thumb or due to adverse weather conditions.

For this reason, many try to discover the secrets of nurserymen and understand how they can have healthy and robust plants with flowers that will be abundant and lush in every season.

The secret lies in some food waste and in particular dried fruit and nuts. The shells of this food should be cleaned and placed in a pan and then brought to the boil.

Plants: the ingredient to make them grow strong and robust

Once this is done, we will drain the water with a strainer and put the remaining liquid into a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the leaves and branches of our plants.

In this way they will always remain shiny and avoid the formation of dust. But to also have abundant roots and flowers we can plant these shells in the ground and water them with the water obtained from their cooking.

In a short time we will see how they will grow spontaneously and strongly and even adverse conditions will manage not to affect these plants which we will see grow luxuriantly day after day.